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Comm opening delay Posted 12 days ago
Apparently I'll have to delay the comm opening tomorrow from 9 am BRT to 4 pm BRT, due to maintenance on the electrical system of the building. This will happen both on the 5th and 6th and I'll be from 9a.m to 4 p.m without power.
November comms are closed; Posted 2 months ago
Thank you all :3
Comms are open, but 1PM instead of 2pm. Posted 2 months ago
Comms are now oficially open :3

thank you all~
Comms will open 2pm BRT Posted 2 months ago
Will open later for comms today, around 2PM BRT (Brasilia time).

Thank you all~
Comms closed :3 (october) Posted 3 months ago
October comms are closed. Thank you all~
October comms are open~ Posted 3 months ago
Same drill as always :3

Thanks for the support~
september comms closed~ Posted 4 months ago
Thanks for all guy. If I re-open this month still, will let you all know ~
September comms are open today :3 (sept 6th) Posted 4 months ago
Comms are open today. A little tad later.

here's the info you might need:

See ya there :3
Will open for comms on the 6th. Posted 4 months ago
Tomorrow i'll be visiting my grandmother, so i'll re open on monday (6th).

See you guys then~
Comms closed :3 Posted 5 months ago
August comms closed. Thank you all~