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Comms closed for now Posted 2 weeks ago
I opened for comms earlier today, am by the end of it, I'm already super booked. Thanks to everyone that reached out to me. That is insane. I never thought someone like me could achieve something like this. Thank you all for this.

I'll let you all know if i open again this month still. You guys can also check  RowyChan's work while i'm busy :3
Pretinho passed away. Posted 3 months ago
Pretinho, the dog i mentioned in my previous post and profile picture, ended up passing away. I loved him as much as i could and did for him as much as i could. He was like a son to me. Both Nami and him passed away this year. Rest in peace my boy.

My attention will eventually turn back to the other two dogs, but since they are very young, they don't need as much care as both Nami and Pretinho did.

I'll finish a couple of comms i took to raise some money for myself this month and take the rest of the month to wrap some things up as regarding to comms, and hopefully get back to normal on the 5th next month.
What's been going on with my life. Posted 4 months ago
To sum up everything. I'm extremely tired. My depression keeps peaking despite medicines (which are quite expensive), my neck and back hurts, and not only one of my dogs passed away earlier this year (Nami, which i took care for 14 years), one of the other dogs (Pretinho, rescued last year) was diagnosed with tumors all over his body and has to undergo chemotherapy, that after the biopsy, which has to sedate him, which might have him not come back from, due to his weak heart. Outside of the fact that he only walks with three of his legs, has a broken jaw and only 4 teeth, making it harder to eat and give medicine to.

I'm the one to keep on watching him most of the time. I rescued him with my mother, took intensive care until his recovery and kept nursing him as "my...
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An idea i had regarding YCH? Posted 5 months ago
I was thinking of making a mass vore picture of either Amy or Eve to which i would not have characters myself to fill (around 5 to 10 preys) and i was going to ask if a YCH is something you guys would be interested. It'd be either a colored sketch commission type or "All around" so the slots would range from 15 to 30 usd each.

Let me know what you all think.
Tomorrow is the day Posted 7 months ago
Tomorrow is the day (June 5th) that i'll get back to taking comms. I've been having a rough last months due to all those pandemics and some other stuff that have been happening IRL, specially when it comes to my dogs, and now my own health.

Many people have contacted me, and i hope to have everyone that did so on my discord side tab, but feel free to get in touch with me tomorrow if you happened to be one of the people or even if you haven't yet. It might be some busy times but i hope it'll also be quite fun.
New commission Tiers were added. Posted 8 months ago

New commission tiers were added. Now with sketch and colored sketch options as asked (and done for) some commissioners in private.
Taking a break Posted 8 months ago
Lately I've been feeling very tired due to working a lot in the past 4 months, and some more recent events also took a big tool (emotionally and physically). I might need to take a break this next couple of weeks/month.

I've received quite a lot of commission requests so i might take a small few, just so i still have a little bit of income. I need to take things slower and set them straight.

Take care you all.
I made a twitter account for non vore content o3o Posted 9 months ago
If anyone wants to check out. Occasional uploads there.Those drawings are made in my supposed leisure/break time.
February commissions are open :3 Posted 11 months ago
Hey all, forgot to post here as well but february commissions are open :D Feel free to send me a PM here or on my discord Sunny Hero#4438.
Back to work. January comms are open :3 Posted 1 year ago
Back on track.

check the link below for more info :3 (the link was not showing before)

*Edit* to see if the link shows. If it does not, just PM me or check commission page for discord and pricing :3