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Commissions? Posted 7 months ago
I am thinking of opening up commissions for the first time in a long while. PM me if you have something you'd like to commission, I'll let you know.
2018 Posted 1 year ago
Hello, my dudes. It's been a great year. When I draw, I'll post it here, but I may vanish for a while. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Been making a lot of friends and working on my relationships with people IRL. I just want to focus on that.

Be excellent to each-other, and party on. Peace
Twiggle Wiggle Posted 2 years ago
It's kind of funny that I haven't done a blog since my blogpost about my b-day last year, but hey, it's been a year again. If it tickles your fancy, Twilight is still the name of the game. I just love all things Twigs and Wigs. I mean, Starlight's growing on me, but Twilight's my bae.

As for an update on how things have been, it's been good? Got a job, sobered up, been starting to pick drawing back up, and once I wrap up some loose ends and finish some backlogged stuff, I'll think about opening up commissions again. For now I'm just doing pleasure cruise drawings to get my mood going. Got a Daybreaker pic in the works, nearly done with it. Got a ton of ideas still mulling around from this last season of MLP. So many episodes with unique characters that NEED vore done of them....
[ Continued ... ]
That time of year Posted 3 years ago
It's Twilight Time... or, it's that weird part of the year where I age up again. I encourage all general Twilight vore for this December 8th or roundabout. Oral vore, anal vore, unbirth, holding vore, fatal, non-fatal. If it has Twilight in the mix, it's wunderbar. If you want to send something this way, I'll love it, and hopefully hundreds of others will love it too.

No rules... just, thanks to anyone who does it!!
MLP Pred Poll by Ponythroat Posted 3 years ago
Just letting people know about this poll Ponythroat is doing that I think is pretty neat. Check it out and leave a vote if you feel like it!

http://ponythroat.tumblr.com/post/14237 ... straw-poll
Birthday? Posted 4 years ago
Just wanted to let everyone know that for completely selfish reasons, I'm going to be aging up another year on Tuesday. If you care for whatever reason, I would totally be cool with you making pretty much any image or story involving Twilight Sparkle vore. There is literally never enough vore with that pretty book horse.

So yeah, just putting this out there in case someone feels like *wink wink nudge nudge* doing some awesome stuff for me. You don't actually need to do anything. I just love Twilight vore. Wings, no wings, no horn, blue hair, long as it's Twilight I'll love it.

Hope everyone's having a great week as well!
Finally drew up a basic visual aide to my commissions Posted 4 years ago
So, yeah, that can be found here: http://aryion.com/g4/view/318745
Pretty much what was on my Commission Status tab, but it never hurts to have a picture version. If you have any questions, let me know!
Back From Vacation Posted 4 years ago
You may have noticed a distinct lack of a drawing every couple days from me for a couple weeks. This is because I took a trip out of state to visit family and see some sights. I'm finally back though and should be getting some steam rolling in the next few days!

Also, I'll be working on a commission sheet soon, since having one of those seems like it might be a good idea. My basic commission info is still available on my profile, but I'm sure an actual sheet wouldn't hurt.

Just figured I'd update people so there's no worries.
Been a bit slow lately Posted 4 years ago
So... I've not been posting much. Brain's been feeling a bit dry. What do you all want to see from me? It may just kick the gears into motion again. I will be away for a convention from Thursday to Sunday, but I'm going to try to get my work back up to speed.

So yeah, just let me know what you're interested in. I'd really love to know.
Streaming MLP vore (done streaming) Posted 4 years ago
Just working on a Gilda piece, will probably be at it for an hour or two, and will edit this when I'm done. Come watch me draw if you feel like it.

Edit: Thanks for joining me!