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A new kind of pred, feel free to use the idea.... Posted 3 months ago
Thought just occurred of a pred that is a cross between a Winged Devourer (Beastmaster) and a vampire. Wrapping the helpless prey in its wings it feeds like a vampire on them, then dissolves them like a regular winged devourer would and discards the bones. I love my wingy boys but sometimes they can be a little repetitive, so adding little twists like that can be fun.
Coming Soon..... Posted 3 months ago
Had some inspiration for a future story (don't worry everyone this one isn't based around me as the prey lol). If I'm happy with the result it may become a series.

It will be set in a fantasy setting, a group of 6 scantily clad adventures will set out on a quest to a dungeon. Little do they know, voracious critters await.

I know, super original right?
Just gauging some interest.... Posted 4 months ago
I've had a few odd ideas for stories and I'm wondering what people think of the ideas of blood consumption/vampirism/parasitism and of the idea of having certain body parts swallowed and digested while still attached to the host preys body? Like if something swallowed a foot or a sexual organ and digested it off of you while you're still alive.