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I'm Brittany, femboy/trap/sissy/cd/whatever you want to call me. 100% prey meat.

Suggestions and criticism are welcome and will be taken into consideration for future stories. Thank you for taking the time to read my many word salads. :)

No commissions.

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 King Braal sits on his on his throne, staring intently into the down cast eyes of his royal messenger. Braal has ruled the Kingdom of Ruoansulatus for many years as a beloved leader, his people trust him for safety and he has done well to provide it, until recently. Bad news had been delivered once again, for the fourth time in as many days, more of the kingdom's countrymen have gone missing near Sulattaa Keep. This time a royal hunting party which included one of the King's own daughters,

 As the night drew to an end, another boring one filled with bad weather, slow business, and not many employees around, Ashely and I began closing up the store. We worked at a large chain grocery store in the middle of nowhere USA. I started my usual rounds for closing up the store as she counted the money in the final register. She wore her usual get up, work polo, long sleeve under-shirt and these nice tight khaki pants that show off her surprisingly fit yet plump ass. She was small in

 'Congratulations!' is the message displayed across the holographic note I received from a Federation courier, 'You have been selected to serve on the Federation's new experimental cruiser X-1. A fully automated ship who's crew is tasked with monitoring the ships functions and AI to assess weather the technology is viable for an interplanetary defense fleet.' I couldn't believe my luck, such a cush gig for my first assignment straight out of the academy. Even better, my best friend through

 Deep in a poorly lit cave, a creature stirs, tearing and flailing at their surroundings in a crazed frenzy. That creature is me, a mid-twenties femboy frantically trying to find a left stocking for her outfit, and that cave, my walk-in closet. I silently cursed as I dug through drawers and piles of clothes trying to find my other white knee-high stocking. My best friend, Jess, would be over soon to take me to one of the most exclusive clubs in town. I had never heard of it before she told

Deep in the heart of the jungle there lies a cave that holds a treasure of immeasurable power, or so the story goes. Kyra had heard it a thousand times in her youth. Immortality, unbelievable wealth, eternal youth, a cure for all illness, a never ending food source, the power of the item, dubbed the Angler Fruit, has changed with every retelling of the tale, all that is known for sure is that all who go in search of it never return. As she reached her 20th birthday, Kyra decided to go in search

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Thought just occurred of a pred that is a cross between a Winged Devourer (Beastmaster) and a vampire. Wrapping the helpless prey in its wings it feeds like a vampire on them, then dissolves them like a regular winged devourer would and discards the bones. I love my wingy boys but sometimes they can be a little repetitive, so adding little twists like that can be fun.

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