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 My Mistress summoned me in the middle of the night, excited for me to meet her new 'pet'. My groggy haze was quickly dashed by the realization of the word, pet, I thought I was her pet. Jealousy raged through my body and my fists clenched at my sides, how dare she. I put on my required uniform, pink thigh-high stockings, black skirt, black strap on heels and silver anklet, pink tank top, slave collar, make-up, and of course the final piece I have no choice but to wear, my ever-present little pink padlocked cage. I hurried over as quickly as I could, even through my frustration I knew better than to keep her waiting. I knocked on the front door and waited obediently to be let in, she always made me wait outside, half naked and completely vulnerable, to be oogled at by neighbors and passer-bys. She delighted in how worked up and embarrassed I get, the shame of knowing I'm being judged by people staring at my slightly exposed and curvy ass. Although it was the middle of the night, I could feel the eyes of the old pervert neighbor of hers undressing me from afar. He likes me, I've been shared with him many times before. Mistress finds him revolting, and enjoys seeing my soft flesh defiled by his wrinkled mass. His foul stench and flavors are impossible to forget, I shudder at the thought of him molesting himself at me behind the protection of his window. Finally, the door creaked open and Mistress summoned me inside from the chilly dark air.
 Mistress called me a good girl for being so punctual and described the many new pleasures she had in store for me with her new pet. As we walked and she spoke, she also was running silk gloved fingertips all over the exposed flesh of my body, she knows how much this excites me. My imprisoned member struggled to stay asleep and avoid the pain of straining against it's plastic cage. She stopped in front of a door and slowly pushed it open, gesturing me to go inside. The room was dim aside from spot light over a large covered rectangle in the middle of the room with a comfortable chair sitting along side it. Built into the floor in front of the rectangle was a four foot metal poll that had shackles built into it for wrists and ankles. Instinctively I approached the red cloth covered box and took position in front of the poll. She closed the door and stepped in behind me. Soft and assertive hands caressed my body all over, plump lips planted repeatedly along the sides of my neck and shoulders. I was starting to feel afraid, this tenderness often results in a night of almost torture. Luckily a sub like me finds a little pleasure in pain and fear. The cool metal snapped shut around my wrists and then my ankles, holding me firmly in place. She stepped around me and stood in front of the chair, spinning around she claps her hands and tells me it is my lucky night. I flash a confused look that quickly melts into wide eyed awe as I see the little silver key clasped in her hands. She reaches down and slides it into the it goes. The cage still in place, she stands back straight and says we can release it soon, but first I need to meet my new friend. A black gloved hand rips the red sheet away.
 Now I stood in front of a plastic terrarium with dead decaying leaves, moist dirt, moss, etc. like a jungle floor. After a minute of eyeing the scenery, I look over at Mistress confused. She giggled and grabbed a latch on the side and popped it open, removing the top and sides of the plastic box. My curiosity was peaked as I noticed the small airholes that were lining the top of the container. She told me she bought this new exotic and expensive pet recently from asia, it was called a giant red leech. She prodded a gloved finger into the mush in search of it. She gave me a menacing smile and without breaking eye contact she unlatched and removed my cage. She said it's feeding time. She pushed the wheeled table holding the terrarium up against my thighs. It was just high enough for my member to now be limply laying in the wet dirt amongst the leaves. She whispered horrible warnings about what may happen to me if I made even one single attempt to get away from that spot, not that I could if I wanted to, my muscles were already straining a bit at how tight and immobilizing the shackles were. I swallowed hard and did as she said, I stood like a terrified statue. She went on about how hungry her little pet must be and how she couldn't wait to see us play together. She put her finger back in and agitated the soil until I finally saw it. A small shiny glimpse of blood red skin break the surface. Slowly the slimy worm inched its way out of the muck, it was at least fifteen to twenty inches long and impressively girthy. It stretched its featureless head around almost like it was sniffing the air for something to snack on and starting sliding around on the surface of the leaves. I was shaking as Mistress reached down and subtly directed the worm in the direction of my exposed member. Slowly it crept along, feeling and sensing for something until I felt the cold slime of its head touch against my own. Excited and curious about the new warm surface it slid its front up and onto my member seemingly sizing it up, a mouthlike opening appeared and began pushing itself down into my flesh, sliding around on my shaft, I thought it was looking for a suitable place to latch on and start drinking the blood from me, quickly I was proven so wrong. The mouth dragged across the head and found the tip of my member and latched itself on, quickly it started pushing and slurping, pulling the tip in and stretching its flesh to accommodate more of my girth into itself. It was swallowing me. Harder and harder the mouth sucked at it's prey, surprisingly strong muscles helping to pull me deeper inside. I was astounded at the way it expanded to completely engulf my head and start moving down the shaft. The feeling of it greedily sucking and consuming my body's most vulnerable place was intoxicating, I'd never felt such a sensation before. Soon I was completely consumed, up to the base, it continued trying to suck and move forward, working in vein to completely swallow its prey. Muscles rippled across my sensitive flesh, along with a slight tingle that I couldn't place and didn't worry about as I felt orgasm number one building. Mistress squealed with delight as my breath quickened, my sweaty flesh heaved and shuddered, my head rolled back. I came in a way I never had before, the tingling building up more intense by the second. As the post orgasm fog began to lift I noticed it, the tingle was getting warmer, almost burning a little, it was getting quite uncomfortable. I also noticed that Mistress was behind me now, stroking my hair and running her hands up and down my exposed skin as she whispered horrible taunts into my ear. It sucked, muscles churned, my flesh burned, I was going to cum again at the sensation and the thought that I was literally being consumed by this creature. I opened my mouth and moaned in a mixture of ecstasy and agony and when I did a ballgag was quickly fastened in place. I could do nothing but endure the torture, my flesh being digested in the fast working stomach acids of the worm. Tears flowed down my face like a waterfall, the pain was unbearable, my body bucked and shuddered as the sucking, churning, and digestion continued. She called me terrible names, asked if it was worth waiting a year to orgasm, asked how it felt to know that from now on the only pleasure I'll ever feel again is at the end of her strap on....if I'm lucky. I was nearly blacked out from pain overload and blood loss when I noticed the sucking and burning sensations had stopped. She tutted and reached around me, picking up the leech and holding it in front of my unfocusing eyes. I could make out the blurry red shape, bulging from what was left of its meal. All that was left of my manhood was a tattered stump with strings of burned flesh dangling off. She wrapped gauze around the area and unlatched my shackles to get me to her doctor friend that doesn't ask too many questions so I don't bleed out. The pain finally overtook me and consciousness faded.
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Something A Little Different: The Leech By WingedDevourer -- Report

A femboy sub loses his most precious possession at the hands (mouth) of his mistress's new pet.


Ok so this is a weird one I kicked around for a while. Not sure how body part digestion will fly around here, but I figured why not give it a shot...maybe someone out there will like it.

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