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 Just after sunset on Halloween night, in a sleepy little coastal New England town, three girls are walking down dimly lit sidewalks. Circle portals of yellowed glow evenly dotted the grey path boots and high heels rhythmically clattered their way down, leading the trio to their final destination, Kevin's Halloween party. On the right strolled a devil, Shelly, she had pale white skin clad in a red one piece, dark red pantyhose, thigh high red vinyl boots, and a tail. Tiny curved horns poked out of her curly red mop of hair. On the left was Kerri, wearing a latex dress patterned in the style of Alice in Wonderland. White thigh-high stockings accentuated her dark black skin perfectly. Just above her black high heels dangled an anklet that had charms depicting each of the four suits of a deck of playing cards. Finally in the middle of the group was me, Brittany. I was wearing the cliche` school girl outfit, chunky black heels, white knee high stockings, a tiny blue and grey pleated skirt hung low on my hips showing plenty of thigh in the front and the bottom of my ass cheeks in the back, and a white button down shirt tied off just under my chest. The rhythm of my steps caused my dangly silver belly ring danced around and my dark brown pigtails to bob. "So is tonight the night you shoot your shot on Kevin?" Shelly asked me with a smirk, "How could he say no to all this junk in the trunk?" She grabbed a handful of my butt and playfully jiggled it.
 I slapped her hand away. "God I wish, he's so fucking cute...but I think it's the junk in the front that is going to hold me back on that one."
 Kevin was tall and handsome, from a prominent conservative family in the community. He was always very kind and friendly to me, but I knew that his parents would never approve of him dating a femboy. I dreamily sighed at the thought of it, "I'm not going home empty handed tonight though, it's been too long since I've had a little action." I said.
 "I hear Brian is pretty open minded, if you don't mind a little dark meat." Kerri mused.
 "As long as it's hard meat!" I joked as we erupted into a mess of laughter.
 Suddenly the entire area flashed with a bright light and something zoomed across the sky above our heads. It looked like a meteor entering the atmosphere and crashing down in the distant woods. "Holy shit!" Kerri blurted.
 "What the hell was that?" added Shelly.
 "Looked like some kind of meteor or something." I said staring off at the fading orange light at the crash sight among the trees. "Should we go check it o-"
 "You ladies coming in?" A male voice cut me off.
 We look over at the front porch and see a handsome cowboy leaning against a support post, it was Kevin. He smiled at us walked over to push open the front door. The dull thudding of bass filled dance music rose in octave and clarity as he did and we could see the place was packed with all variety of rugged heroes and scantily clad maidens from every end of pop-culture all with red cups of courage in hand. We all gave our nervous, flirty hellos and walked inside to party the night away, almost immediately forgetting about the fireball that passed by mere moments ago. An hour or so later, the only fireball on my mind was the third shot of it Kerri handed me to knock back. We were all feeling no pain at this point, not three sheets yet, but I'm glad I don't have to try to drive home. I mix myself up a drink and walk with the girls into the living room 'dancefloor' while sipping it through a straw. We picked out some potential partners and began to dance. Kerri had introduced me to Brian and we hit it off surprisingly well, now I stood infront of him as our bodies gyrated to the beat. I ground my ass into his crotch and felt as the substantial bulge seemed to twitch and grow. I close my eyes and turn my head back as he nuzzles his face into my neck and whispers something about taking the party upstairs. My heart races as I get ready to respond positively when a commotion breaks the spell and we all look toward the front door. A small group dressed as clowns had made their way inside the house. There were 5 of them total, all different heights and sizes, each with a unique multicolor jumpsuit and orange or green haircut. The masks they wore were incredibly well done, very expressive and seamless. Kerri let out a howling laugh and drunkenly stumbled over to the group. "Oh. My. God. You all look amazing! Who's hiding in there? Tommy? Mark?" The clown at the front of the group was the smallest of the bunch, he looked no bigger than about four foot tall. "Are you even old enough to be here little guy?"
 The lead klown, Shorty, look back inquisitively at his entourage and back at inebriated Alice in front of him. The whole time each of the klowns had a hand hidden behind their backs but no one seemed to notice until now. Kerri gave him a pinch on the cheek, "Don't be shy little gu- oh wow! It feels so real! Hey, what have you got there?" she asked referring to his hidden hand.
 Shorty's face contorted into a devilish grin and he pulled his hand out revealing a pie. Kerri giggled, "Is that for me?"
 Shorty nodded. "Well it's not the cream pie I was hoping for tonight, but I'll take it."
 She reached out and Shorty pulled it away. "Come on, give it to me! Let me have it!"
 As if what she said was a command, he let her have it, smashing the pie right into her face. The rest of the klowns pulled out pies of their own. The pan fell to the floor leaving streaks of white and yellow custard slopping off her shocked face. Her eyes suddenly shot open and her smile started to sag, a guttural scream welled up in her chest and started making its way up her throat as the white vanilla cream started looking more like strawberry pink. She screamed in agony and threw her hand up onto her burning face. The rest of the klowns began relentlessly pelting her with pies that were seemingly appearing from thin air. The acidic pies melted flesh from bone on contact and she slowly collapsed to her knees as a slurry of pink and red pooled on the floor around the pile of melting goo that was once my close friend. I had been sipping drink through my straw watching this all go down, in shock I dropped the drink with the straw still sticking out of my mouth. I stared wide eyed at the steaming pile, eyes fixed on a glint of gold, the chain of the anklet she wore, no longer wrapped around silky ebony wrapped in white stockings, but hanging off of ivory bone poking out of the pink slurry. A scream came from the crowd and the klowns reacted by pulling out some sort of weapons and firing at everyone indiscriminately. Pink lights flooded the room as cocoons appeared where young horny costumed college kids once stood. Before my brain could process a reaction, a bolt hit me square in the chest. I felt a crushing pressure forcing my body down to a squatting position, my knees forced up into my chest putting me into a fetal position. My world was dark, covered in a sticky soft coating that felt like cotton candy. The sugar confection filled every hole it could find, if not for the straw that was sticking out of my lips I would have likely suffocated inside this candy pink prison. The muffled screams outside of my cocoon quickly died down until it was deadly quiet. Suddenly I was moving, picked up and carried out of the house, thrown with a heavy thud down onto the grass in the front yard. The klowns had a large vacuum like truck outside of the house that was sucking up the cocooned bodies for transportation back to their ship hiding out in the woods.
 Some time had passed, the soft warm inside of the candy cocoon had me shifting in and out of consciousness. Periodically I would hear muffled sounds of bodies going in and out of whatever room I was currently in. I felt like I was suspended off of the ground, my body weight pressing down into the bottom of the cocoon. My whole body was hot and began to tingle. The candy floss was secreting some acids and enzymes that was quickly starting to do its macabre work of breaking my body down. My clothes began to sizzle as they burned away, my exposed flesh was on fire. Suddenly my pod shook and a chunk of pink cotton was removed from around the straw. My eyes pained and squinted at the glare of bright light after being in the dark for so long. I was able to blink into focus the face of Shelly, my savior, and the state of the room I was in. It was like a warehouse, rows and rows of pink cotton candy cocoons just like my own. There had to be hundreds of them lining the walls and hanging on circle racks throughout the room. I spit the straw out and tried to speak but Shelly shooshed me. "I was in a closet with Kevin when the whole thing went down, I know I know I'm a bitch for that, I'm sorry." she hurriedly whispered, hair and clothing covered in random bits of popcorn. "I followed them here and had a hell of a time trying to sneak past these bastards to find you. I'm so glad you're alive, the others I tried were all dead already."
 "Please get me out of here." I sobbed, "It hurts so much."
 She pulled a knife out and was getting ready to start cutting when a klown entered the room. She ducked back behind another cocoon out of sight. The klown hung another cocoon up and walked over to a giant glass tank on the wall, it was full of popcorn just like what was all over Shelly. All of a sudden she screamed and ran out from behind the cocoons. She was no longer covered in popcorn, now was covered in what looked like worms with klown faces on them, they had huge sharp fangs that were biting down into her flesh. She stumbled a bit and fell to the ground as the wormlike klowns chewed at their feast. We locked eyes, her flesh being bitten and chewed, mine being melted away. Her emerald eyes flowed with tears, pleading for me to help even though she knew I was in the same position she was. Chunks came from her thighs and torso bit by bit until she was nothing more than a bloody pile of torn cloth, flesh and bone. I just hung there, helpless, forced to watch every second of my best friends demise. The klown from before had watched as well, periodically laughing maniacally. It looked up at my exposed face and came rumbling toward me. The klown was huge, tall and very fat with a white jumpsuit with pink designs splotched across it and a blue frilly collar around its neck. Three blaze orange spikes adorned its head. It looked me in the eye, then put his ear up the cocoon and tapped it with a finger. I had lost feeling in my arms and legs, not sure if this position had put them to sleep...or something much worse had happened. My ass, torso, neck, and scalp where all still in an inferno of acidic sensation. The klown had reached behind me and pulled out a long glass twisty straw. He inserted the sharp pointed end into the fattest part of the cocoon. It pushed forward through the floss and poked me in the naval, then pushed into what was left of my flesh and muscle. I groaned at the sensation of the glass piercing me and then at the sensation of being drained. A red fluid pumped its way up the intricate twists and turns of the straw until it disappeared behind the big red lips of the evil klown. Slurping and sucking he drank me in more and more, I continued melting and watching helplessly knowing my end was soon. Greedily he gulped down my nutrients to fuel his future sadistic deeds. My vision began to fade, between the drinking clown and the melting flesh, the blood loss was too much for my body to endure and life slowly faded away. Soon after the flow of red stopped and with a sickening pop the straw was pulled from my cocooned body. Chubby the klown let out a loud belch and a cackling demonic laugh.
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Halloween Special: Send in the Klowns By WingedDevourer -- Report

Killer Klowns crash a local college Halloween party.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Posted by gonzodingo 4 months ago Report

This was a fantastic story!


Posted by WingedDevourer 4 months ago Report

Thanks, glad you liked it! :)