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Dr. Pepper Posted 2 weeks ago
Just returned from my weekend away. Injured my foot like an idiot, but luckily that does not prevent my hands and mind from working. It does, however, annoy me.
Flashlight Posted 3 weeks ago
New avatar online. We'll see how this one looks for a bit.
Hazelnut Chocolate Posted 3 weeks ago
Also, it's been a long, busy April. Expect a bit of dry humor from me on these blog posts.
Office Posted 3 weeks ago
I have been moving my office lately, so my response time is a little slower than usual. Instead, I prioritized the time to work on commissions, so if you have purchased a contract from me, deadlines will still be met. It's a bit annoying, but that's life sometimes.

Also, I am going to get a new avatar. As much as I love OFF, I do not own that IP. Thus, not my brand, not my business to utilize. Please do support the original creator, MortisGhost.
Expanding Operation Posted 1 month ago
I'm opening up three additional slots for commissions to keep up with increased volume. Thank you for your interest in my services, portal goers.
Whoops Posted 2 months ago
The damn creepypasta got posted twice. Fine, I guess we'll leave it alone unless someone complains. Had a real dick of a time getting it listed thanks to silly router issues this past week. You win this round, monster of the week from that story.
Content Warning Posted 2 months ago
Today, I received permission to post an anonymous commission to my portfolio. From here on out, I will be posting content warning relevant prose if the buyer allows me to do so. I'll be marking anything but more vanilla work with lots of tags moving forward. However, consider this my proof that I will, indeed, write anything you pay me for. I do non-fetish content as well, but let this be my proof of ability.
Accepting Commissions Posted 2 months ago
I am now accepting commissions again. See my updated prices and currently have five slots available. As a reminder, I am a writer, not an artist. However, I assure you my rates are worth your time.
Still Alive Posted 6 years ago
Portal reference. Anyway, yes, I am back around, but with a few addendums.

1. I am still not accepting commissions. I can't keep a schedule to save my life with the new job.

2. I need a roleplay partner. Been too long since I've had a cure for the "itch". Our fetish here is not exactly practical in day to day.

Still, in due time I am sure I will manage. One day may even write another story. But for now, I need a partner. If you've read my stories, you have a rough idea what I like. Fire me a message if you see this and are mildly interested.
Dicemasters Rulebook Posted 6 years ago
Hey look, another commission. First furry stuff, go check it out. Open for more starting next week; this one was more work than expected.