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Ghostwriter, editor, and general writer of fiction for hire. I do not have a list of do and will not do; if you pay for it, I'll do it. I also offer anonymous commissions that can be kept private and/or under NDA. See my commissions page for more details.

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Commissioned by


What are you waiting for?

As it turns out, nothing.

He had a name earlier today, but by the end it will be forgotten. As far as he was concerned, he was just a man. Society had, is, and

They call him “The Hatter”. His face is only a rumor. His body is an urban legend. But, his intentions are always clear; once the invitation arrives, he will be waiting, likely with a knowing smile and lashing tongue.

Marcus was an unexceptional man. He worked eight hours a day in some indistinct office, punching numbers, balancing accounts, and taking phone calls. He kept to himself, preferring to spend his evenings alone, sinking into a good book rather tha


Commissioned for “


Images flashed on repeat again in his head; a green hand, a spatula, and rust spots. A gloating, high pitched voice followed, with sound of flat metal striking an equally hard surface, and then only darkness. He sees it, clearer and clearer each time, as the s

Walker in the Woods

"I'm tellin' you, I know what I saw!"

The smoke still stings my eyes, even though the fire has long gone out. I rub away irritation and contemplate Visine, but keep questioning the 'witness' as the arson team combs what's left of the Ford Escort. I don't know much about cars, but they probably aren't meant to burst into flames. We even have a handful of witnesses; a passed out drunk,

Wolfing It Down
It has often been said
that controversy is the ultimate cover up. With the state of things
as they are, the plight of the differentiated human species was a
definite victim of that.
Since 1895, the strange
evolutionary off-shoot known commonly as hybrid humanity (or “Is-Men”
in reference to the various onomatopoeic root words “Canis”,
“Felis”, or “Lagomorphus” traits that many of them share) had
been quietly disregarded as irrelevant. They lacked representation i

Come Full Stomach
By Eros X
There she is, lying on
the bed. Her stomach is far larger than the rest of her body. It’s
lumpy. And moving. He
can hear muffled cries for help even out of her reach, and her
painted red finger nails reach to touch him as her belly utters an
impossible gurgle for even more food.
He can’t help himself
as he moves closer. He’s not in control of his own body, and he
lowers his head next to her lips. She grins, and slowly opens her
mouth. From the darkness inside he

Ingestion Injunction
By Eros X
In 1997, the first
recorded incident of one human devouring another human whole was
captured on a cheap camera. The footage was very low quality, with
garbled sound and blurry imagery reminiscent of dial-up pornography,
but two results came to light; a human had eaten another human, and
swallowed them entirely. As it is with all new things, a media
firestorm followed.
When an unnamed private
investigator found the devourer captured on film a week later, the

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X's Blog - Whoops Posted 5 days ago

The damn creepypasta got posted twice. Fine, I guess we'll leave it alone unless someone complains. Had a real dick of a time getting it listed thanks to silly router issues this past week. You win this round, monster of the week from that story.

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Posted by Indighost 6 years ago Report

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Interesting, thats kind of a dream of mine , although i find it extremely difficult to write about anything non pornographic lol, i have been taking vore commissions to attempt to get past my own preferences.

If i may ask, how fast can you write? Most recently i did a 40k word thing in about 45 hours of work and no idea if thats fast or slow.


Posted by Indighost 6 years ago Report

Curious, do you make a living with your non sexual writing or is it more of a second income?


Posted by Entity 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav ^^


Posted by Mech__Warrior 12 years ago Report

Your avatar creeps the hell out of me. >.>;;

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