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Goodbye Posted 2 months ago
Thank you for all the times on ekas, I've enjoyed my stay but I will no longer be posting, interacting, or anything. I will only be lurking and more. I appreciate everyone who supported my stories, you've made me happy. I wish I could do the same for everyone else. I'm sorry.
Thank you. Posted 6 months ago
Thank you.
Sorry for the Long Break Posted 4 years ago
I was going through a big sorts of drama. A break up, non stop calls about bills, everything is finally made done! I am back into a state where I can make stories again for you guys. :)
Thank you all so much. Posted 4 years ago
4,000 Views.. That's absolutely crazy! I want to thank you all for this. It means the world to me. When we hit 5,000. I will do something special for you guys.
Good news + A Vote! Posted 4 years ago
The moving will be held for a bit meaning I will be able to write a story! So I got a poll for everyone! Choose what character from GJ Club I should do as a pred!~
Wont be on for a few days :( Posted 4 years ago
I am moving so I must get a lot sorted. Other than that, I got a story planned! Stay tuned for it!
Wow.. Posted 4 years ago
500 plus views on my first story.. I am guessing you guys really liked it? Especially all the favorites it got! I am not trying to brag, but it made me feel happy! Thank you all so much!
I am taking requests~! Posted 4 years ago
Basically I wanna improve on my writing more so I am taking requests! I do have some things I will not do.

Things I will not do
Cock Vore (Exceptions Might Be Made)
Hard Vore

Anything else I am ok with! Just send me a PM of what you want!