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It was after the hard-won match of Lucas, Pit, and Wii Fit. Palutena and Bayonetta were confused as they tried to find out what happened to the boys as they went to Wii fit who was just relaxing. “Hey! You fitness bitch! What did you do to our boys?!” Palutena asked as Bayonetta gave a soft sigh, what an aggressive approach! Wii fit giggled and would shrug. “Have you checked the respawn stations? I’d recommend it..” She laughed as she walked off, showing off her fat

3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

As the match started and the fighters are lowered into their


Pit and Lucas look around for their


and are only met with the sound of the


fit trainer. She would stretch and just say. “Let’s

It was a special day for the beautiful lamia! It was Ciria’s birthday as she had her roommate Zane who was quite.. Creative to her presents! Getting her prey, presents, or generally anything she wanted! However, he had a very special gift lined up for her! When she would wake up and walk into the kitchen, she would find a Zane on the counter on a plate with a lot of whip cream, topping, etc. laid all on him! It was so cute and lovely as Zane smiled. “Good morning, Birthday girl! I de

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Berries Story

It’s been a long day in the arcade, berry was normally living there as the tiny he was trying to scavenge any food he could. He would usually get pizza bits, crumbs of bread, the normal. However if he was lucky he could grab himself some Cake or Popcorn. Today would be different for Berries as he would walk out of his Small Mouse hole and start looking. There was a giant bit of Pizza which would feed this little guy for days! So he of course w

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I was going through a big sorts of drama. A break up, non stop calls about bills, everything is finally made done! I am back into a state where I can make stories again for you guys. :)

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Posted by GirlOnGirl 9 days ago Report

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No prob


Posted by BridgeCross10 1 month ago Report

hm! and thanks for the watch, hope you like what i´ll work on in the future.

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Posted by BridgeCross10 1 month ago Report

glad you liked my arts, the dms are fixed now. however i do roleplay but in private, sorry!

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Posted by SeekGr 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!! x3

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Posted by Dysmos 6 months ago Report

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Thank you so much~! ^w^ Comments like these help me get motivated, appreciate it!


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago Report

Thank you kindly for the watch! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by KuyolCosmo 1 year ago Report

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Thank you!

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Posted by rojo55 1 year ago Report

Yay! Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by thicceater 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the Watch! <3


Posted by dragonwing1 2 years ago Report

Thank for watch and fav and I'm new here it will good if you can send feedback about my work or what you want content to see in my next commission


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 years ago Report

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No prob.

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