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Commissions are filled!? Posted 7 days ago
April fools! Nobody Commissions me XD

... What, it's April 2nd already?

... huh
Wondering if you would all like this Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm debating whether or not to keep an irl side of my stuff up and about for anyone to see. Although I wouldn't like to do things like involve other people close to me like family, friends, etc., I would like to do some irl stuff on Twitter and such, like show myself and make videos of my experiences with walking about and such.
(part of me is hoping that if I show myself online, I'll be more willing to make myself look better and not be lazy about it)
Would you all like to see that sort of stuff?
Started SubscribeStar - a different take? Posted 3 weeks ago
So now I have both Patreon and SubscribeStar, but instead of just collapsing both rewards on top of one another, I'm making it so that these will be the reasons for each:

~ Patreon: Monthly art and Discounts

~ SubscribeStar: Monthly art and Comic Unlock Goals
How teh feck do I make hair and original clothes?!? Posted 1 month ago
I have no clue. I watched a video, did good with practice attempts, then apparently completely forgot about it when applied to CSP

Anyone know how to draw a good human hair/how to make original clothes designs?
Curious Cat available - ask me anything! Posted 5 months ago

I'll be answering things personally, so go ahead and ask away!
Appropriate questions only please, because I will be posting the answers on Twitter!
Anyone want to Multistream with me? Posted 5 months ago
I'm wanting to stream but it wouldn't be as fun by myself, so I'd like to stream alongside someone on Picarto if you would like! Also, if it's not too much of a time difference, I would work around your available time instead of the other way around

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you!

P.S. - I'll mostly be drawing Suiting/tf and vore on my end
Emergency Lunch Donations!!! Posted 7 months ago
Using Ko-Fi, you can help give me meals for the upcoming Hurricane for $3!!!

Never mandatory, always appreciated!

Buy me a $3 lunch!!
Hurricane Dorian is about to strike... Posted 7 months ago
Condolences must first be given to those who have been hit by Hurricane Dorian. You hung in there, and you prospered through it. Here's to you!

As for myself, since I live in Central Florida and my main mode of transportation is Uber/Lyft, I have no choice but to rough it out as the Hurricane approaches. Doesn't help that Disney also wants to keep their parks open as long as possible, so I might even have to work early Sunday @[email protected]

I may lose power and may end up not being able to start/finish projects during that time, so I apologize ahead of time. I've gotten some water and will pre-prep lots of food for the storm.

Just know that I'm thankful for all of you and your support towards Content Creators of all types being affected by this massive storm. I...
[ Continued ... ]
Not even sure about my self-worth anymore... Posted 7 months ago
long story short: I've noticed a LOT of things wrong with what I do and with what I say to people IRL. I talk too much, say inappropriate things, become desperate for recognition, etc.

It's that negative self-worth that causes me to make awful decisions on accident, which cause me to have lower self-worth, and it repeats over and over again...

I just wish someone could give me a step-by-step tutorial on how they improved their drive and confidence and gained some self-worth. Why does everyone just say "try harder" or "do better" or "don't look at the negatives"...? I learn through specific details more than using my own brain to piece things together, so vague answers do almost literally nothing to help.

Sorry... I...

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My Patreon's Birthday!!! Special Limited-Time Tier!! Posted 8 months ago
$20 Comic Page (Waaaayyy cheaper than commissions) Tier - August Special Only!!

Get one Sketch Comic Page for August to celebrate my Patreon's Anniversary!!*
Show up to a stream and I'll make a request for you as well!!*

*This applies to anyone who becomes a Patron in this tier any time in August