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Need prey characters for new Mabel comic! Posted 5 months ago
Hey guys! I'm finally starting work on a new comic, and it'll star one of my favorite characters Mabel! Its just gonna be a lewd comic for now, but hopefully I'll do something more with her in the future. Anyways it'll be something similar to the YCH pics I finished, of her just indulging in lewd things and having a good time. The comic will feature cock vore, along with oral vore, and maybe a few other types if they fit in. For this comic, I'll need some prey characters for Mabel to vore in various ways, and I'd rather not make up generic looking ones. So I'm offering any of my patrons of all tiers the chance to submit their OCs for this comic.

So if you're interested, pledge just 1$ to my Patreon today for the chance for your OC to be included in this comic. Hopefully I'll...
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Thinking of doing more comics! Posted 10 months ago
My new Penny comic up on Gumroad, 'The Tiefling and the Frog' is doing well! Much better than expected. I will absolutely look into doing more comics in the future, maybe even a direct follow up to this one. If you have any suggestions or critiques, feel free to let me know!

The more support I get, the more I feel motivated to start making a new one. Hopefully I can start it soon once i get other work out of the way. If you haven't checked out the comic yet, its available here:
Commissions Open! Posted 10 months ago
Hey! I am almost done my list of commissions and I'm always open for more! If you are interested in getting a commission, just message me with what you want and I'll add you to the waiting list

Price sheet:
Art Trade? Posted 1 year ago
Kinda bored lately, and I think i need to make art thats not commissions. Dunno if any mutuals would be interested in an art trade? DM me if you're interested (tho probably will only be doing one or two)
Focusing on art for a while Posted 1 year ago
Hey guys. After taking some time to think it over, i will be leaving my current part time job i've been working at for several years due to changes that have been making me stressed and unhappy. So for the next couple of months, I will focus my attention on my Patreon, and doing more commissions. I have some money saved up, and I'm making enough that should cover bills, so I'm not worried right now. If things don't work out, i'll probably start looking for a new job next year.

I want to thank everyone who supports me. Patreon, commissioning, or even just following and liking my stuff, its all very much appreciated and i can't thank you all enough. You guys are why i can even do this in the first place.

If anyone wishes to support me, Patreon is available. I...
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Thinking of making a monthly contest for Patreon Posted 1 year ago
Been trying to think of ways to grow patreon and give more benefits to patrons. Since raffles aren't allowed on patreon, i'm thinking of doing a monthly contest instead.

So the contest would be for patrons to send me their character of choice (maybe including fanart as well as OCs) to draw in a vore scenario as either pred or prey. The one that seems like the most fun to me would be the winner.

Thinking that maybe this would be a 5$ tier reward, something not too high to encourage more to join. I think that i might have to find an easy way for people to submit. Anyways let me know what you guys think of this idea, if its good or bad, and if you have suggestions for it.
Looking for someone to commission Posted 1 year ago
Feeling kind of bleh recently, so im in the mood to commission someone for cute vore art. Specifically with my giant friendly frog girl Penny. Maybe something that would involve non fatal digestion like in that one pic i did but i dunno. (mainly looking for a cute style)

Anyways if anyone is open, or knows an artist who is, feel free to let me know and i'll consider.
Patreon poll is up! Posted 2 years ago
Starting a poll after the suggestions I got from Patrons. Experimenting with patreon options and see how it goes. Minimum 1$ Tier to vote.

Here are the options:
- Demon Naga eating too much
- elf being woken by fairy she ate
- Dahlia (plant girl) vorgy
- Dragon Pilot vore
- Palutena vore
- Peach vore

If you guys have any feedback on the poll, let me know. I wanna try to get better at this whole patreon thing and see how to improve.
Commish aaaaaaa Posted 2 years ago
Heyy I'm going to be doing more commissions so I can save for a new tablet. Gonna try to make a price sheet soon, but if anyones interested just let me know. I think prices will be roughly this
Mawshot: 25$
Waist Up: 45$
Full Body: 60$
Time for more Commish Posted 3 years ago
I think I’m gonna have to upgrade my PC soonish. Been having some performance issues in terms of 3d modeling and some games. So I’m gonna try to focus on doing commissions quickly so i can get new parts. I’ve got a couple left to do, but I want to do more after that.

I’ll probably make a commissions sheet soonish, but for now my prices are around this range:
Mawshot: 25$
Waist-up: 45$
Full Body: 60$
Saninaka discount: 25% off

Please contact me if you’re interested. I might try streaming more often to focus on getting these done.

Also if you’re feeling generous, donate to my Ko-Fi!