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SU is over, but fanfiction lives on! Posted 2 hours ago
So my boy Steven has rode off into the sunset. While I do have mixed feelings about the Finale, I loved it for the most part.

And Steven may have left in the show, but im pretty sure he ain't going anywhere in fanfiction. Not if the Gems' stomachs have any say in it.

So you can expect some nice content upcoming from me. Any ideas/requests are welcome!
Profile Description Posted 1 month ago
Added a description about me on my profile. So if you wanna learn a bit about me and what Im into, check it out.
The Debut of Fallen Posted 1 month ago
Made a new Self Insert Story Featuring My Self Insert OC Fallen!
Reason Posted 5 months ago
The reason you guys see an Amino tag on my OCs I posted eariler is because I put them on my Amino ages ago and just saved the pics so I could put them on here too for you guys to see. Sorry for the confusion
My Status Posted 5 months ago
Haven't posted much on here in a while. Thinking of some new ideas to try. I do plan on posting on here more often so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions, let me know! Or if you have something you want to written as a prompt, let me know and I'll get to it when I have some extra time(My life is chaotic, if you haven't guessed). I know not many people even know my stuff exists, but that's OK.
Still no gallery Posted 1 year ago
Over a month with no reply or gallery. What do I do?
Help. Posted 1 year ago
Trying to post some stuff to get started! Don't know how to do it though.