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It was the at the Maheswaren household where the sound of two teens making out could be heard in the bathroom as 16 year old Steven Universe was locked in a moment of passion with his 14 year old girlfriend Connie Maheswaren while the girl’s parents were out picking up relatives from the airport. Steven wasn’t expected by Connie but was welcomed by her nonetheless as the two continued making out as Steven grabbed her now plump booty. Connie had gained quite a few pounds over the last

"Her favorite seat"

"Come on, Steven. I know you're tired from training, but let's go for a little walk, OK?" Connie said sweetly as her boyfriend Steven was resting on the couch after an intense training session with Pearl. Sweat was glistening on the boy's cute face.

"Connie, I would love to,b

Later on that night, Steven regained his senses and a bit of his size as well. Amethyst must have slept off the drunkenness and went to her room because he felt a weight off of him.

“I swear I'm gonna need a shower after this”,Steven thought to himself, remembering everything he's gone through while shrunk. Now he's learned Amethyst has a crush on him. “Well, she is cute.” He thought to himself. Before he

After his *Experience* with Ruby and Sapphire, Steven finally made it to his bed. He also noticed that his voice was beginning to come back. It still was a bit groggy, but at least he could talk.

“Pearl and Amethyst must be out somewhere”, the exhausted hybrid thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.” Steven was finally getting some well deserved rest until…

Under normal circumstances, even though he was 20 now, Steven would enjoy spending time with Garnet. Today, however, was NOT one of those days, due to the fact of him being stuck inbetween her massive asscheeks and literally snapped in with her thong, which disappeared further and further into her ass as the day went on.

It was pure torture for the now 20 year old hybrid, Steven. He learned a couple of things about Garnet: First

*Steven wakes up in his room, but at a much smaller size! His room is gigantic! He's standing on his bed.*

“I just haaaad to mess around with that stupid shrink ray of Peri’s!”, Steven thought angrily to himself, something he is forced to do since he still can't speak very well due to his laryngitis he recently caught. The Gems think he's at his girlfriend Connie's house resting and recovering for the next coup

Steven was dating Marisol after Connie’s cheating on him. But after being reformed after being eaten by Connie while her new lover rubbed her stomach, Steven decided that it was time for a little revenge and Marisol was only too happy to help. “So what do we do, Mari?” Steven asked. “Well, I know Connie’s new lover is gone for the day. So we go after that cheating bitch. After what she did to you and made you listen to, I think we need to pay her back.” Mariso

The warp pad went off as Rose came in to a hug from her son Steven, who she greeted with a kiss on the head. “Hello, my darling Steven. Hello, everyone.” The Gem leader said as Pearl and Garnet greeted her. “Hello, Rose. How was the mission?” Garnet asked. “Dull. Nothing was really happening. I was actually excited to come back here after what I heard recently regarding a certain new fusion involving you Gems and my darling Steven here.” Rose said as Steven bl

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Over a month with no reply or gallery. What do I do?

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Me? Naaah, Alex wouldn't hurt him one bit, just lewd em and gulp him down tho >:333


Posted by fallenandscattered01 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by MobiusTheIce 4 months ago Report

My thanks for the watch, hope to not disappoint!


Posted by animalson1989 6 months ago Report

Finally figured out the file type thing for mobile. Now I can post on here and be able to read it.


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Hmm i wouldn't know, i only post stories on my computer, i wish i knew how :P
But it's good to see you uploading! <3


Posted by animalson1989 7 months ago Report

Posted my first story. But I don't think I did it right. I can't read the file type on mobile. Is there a way I can make it a file other than pdf.?


Posted by thicceater 10 months ago Report

Welcome to the Portal my friend, im glad to have you here! <3 ^w^

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