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"The Man Who Gets Beat isn't the Loser. The guy who can't tough it out until the end? He's the one who loses."-Daisuke Kuze, Yakuza 0

Favorite SU Character:Steven Quartz Diamond CutiePie Demayo Universe

Kinks of mine: Farting, anal vore, butt absorbtion(where the prey is absorbed by the pred's butt and is still alive but trapped until they melt), giantess, inanimate transformation(where the prey is turned into an object like a condom or a dildo).

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"So first


is the strongest muscle on the human body?" Connie said as she had her boyfriend Steven's head between her legs and his face in her butt as she was playing a little quiz game with him. And if he got any questions wrong, he would get a face full of ass gas. First missed answer would be Connie farting with her pants on. Next one would be her farting in just her panties. Third one would result in a

Connie was over at her boyfriend Steven's house, awaiting him to come back from an outing with Pearl. The two were going on a date to the skating rink. Connie was even wearing the red booty shorts that Steven couldn't keep his eyes off of whenever she was in them. She loved her future hybrid husband and loved teasing him by wearing short clothing.

"*sighs* Where is he? He and Pearl said they were on their way back..."

It was Mother's Day at the Crystal Gem Temple and Steven was guiding his mother Rose Quartz by the hand as he led her to the kitchen table where his Mother's Day surprise for her awaited.

"OK, Mom. You can open your eyes now. Happy Mother's Day!" Steven exclaimed as Rose opened her eyes...and stars appeared in them as she gasped at the sight in front of her: Pearl naked and roasted to a Golden brown, Garnet naked and c

Jamie was running for his life. He rushed as fast as he could from his pursuer. Who, you may be asking?

"JAMIE!" The voice of Garnet yelled as Jamie kept running from his fusion lover. Did he anger her? Did he get caught cheating? Well, no. You see, it was that time of the month where Gems were in heat and were far more horny and voracious than usual. Once they had you in their sights, there was truly no escape. But Ja

"Mmmmph!" Steven mumbled under the ass of his girlfriend Connie. The hybrid was stuck within the seat cushions and his face had become the perfect seat for the Gems and his girlfriend whenever she was around. How did this happen, you may be asking?

Well, Steven was a day away from leaving Beach City. And while you may think the Gems were OK with it for his sake, you couldn't be anymore wrong. They weren't and neither w

Garnet was putting some nice makeup on as she got ready to go visit Steven. Ever since the hybrid left home to go live on Homeworld, things have been boring. It was nice that he kept in contact but smooching him face to face was far better than smooching a screen(Something Pearl learned during a video call that resulted in about an hour of cleaning light blue lipstick off of her phone screen.).

Heading towards the Warp, Garnet s

Amethyst groaned as she walked around the Temple. "How could they forget today of all days? They just HAD to go on a mission. Shows how much they care: Pearl could have at least fixed me up a nice meal. I'm starving here!" The Purple Gem lamented. Today was a special day for her: It's the anniversary of when she first emerged. You could say it's her birthday, in human terms.

But no one was here to celebrate with her. G

Greetings and Salutations, my friend. You're probably wondering who I am or what this story is about, right? Probably expecting someone to get eaten, right? Well don't worry: You'll get your wish in this tale. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name....well you can call me Fallen. I took on this name due to once being part of a very strong pantheon of Gods/Goddesses. But betrayal and sabotage took that from me. Wh

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Back with a new PFP and new ideas.
I've been having some mild headaches,but I'm ok now.

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Me? Naaah, Alex wouldn't hurt him one bit, just lewd em and gulp him down tho >:333


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Finally figured out the file type thing for mobile. Now I can post on here and be able to read it.


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Hmm i wouldn't know, i only post stories on my computer, i wish i knew how :P
But it's good to see you uploading! <3


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Posted my first story. But I don't think I did it right. I can't read the file type on mobile. Is there a way I can make it a file other than pdf.?

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