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Cownugget Vore Patreon Posted 4 years ago
***I realize that there are only three days left in the month, meaning charges will happen twice this week. To help make up for that, and to show my appreciation, EVERYONE who joins gets COWNUGGET CD #1 and #2 as a BONUS GIFT!!***

The Cownugget Patreon is LIVE!!

For the moment, I am testing out uploads, so right now you will see HI-REZ and ALTERNATES for pics that are already here.

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Notes or Discord Posted 4 years ago
Many have asked which of notes or Discord is a better way to reach me.

Either or both are fine. Just understand that I cannot always respond right away. Yes, I am fine to chat about anything, but I am not very entertaining. I do not RP (just not into it), and I am not an avid gamer.

Also, people worry that they "bug me" on discord. Please do not tell me this, because then I worry that I give off the wrong impression. I view any messaging program like a sort of "at your convenience" thing, like e-mail, so you never have to worry about bugging me.

Some worry that I will get upset if they bug me about their commissions on Discord. I will not get upset. That is sort of why I made the info public in the first place. If...
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Still Alive Posted 4 years ago
Once again, very sorry for the wait on things. Also sorry to those who have been waiting to get on the list. I know it must be frustrating.

To those sending notes, I DO see them . I just have been too busy to get those pics sorted. As a result, I have been doing my best to kill my backlog, as well as keep things kosher by having people pay AFTER the pics are done. This ensures nobody else loses money as they wait.

If anyone is upset for how long they've had to wait for pictures they HAVE PAID for, if anyone is upset at how long it has taken to get on the list, or if there is ANY OTHER REASON, please NOTE me with the subject line "Compensation," and we can work something out.

Thank you all for your patience!
Compensation for Delays Posted 5 years ago
Very, very sorry for how long it has been taking me to finish these commissions.

If you feel you have been waiting too long for your commissions to be done,
or you've been waiting too long to get on my list, or are upset for any other reason,
please note me if you think you deserve free art compensation and we can work things out.

That is all for now.
Prices Posted 5 years ago
Everyone keeps asking, so instead of repeating myself, I will post here.


**Inked Picture --- $60 per character (single character bulges free)

**Color Picture --- $120 per character (single character bulges free)

**Comic Page --- $225 to $250 per page, black & white (Max frame limit of 6 frames)

**Sketches --- $30 to $40 per character

**Sequence Edit Sketches --- $30 to $40 per character for first frame
-------------------------- $10 to $30 per sketch edited frame

I hope these prices seem fair to you guys. If you have an issue with them, please note me in private, but please try not to press/demand free work from me....
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On The Menu Posted 5 years ago
So if you could insist that Trent, Mora, or any of my comic characters be prey... who would you like to see eat them? Would you demand it be one of your characters? Another one of my characters? Would it be an established character in a cartoon/game?

If you don't want to respond in public you can PM me.


Permavore Posted 5 years ago
A couple people have been asking if I would do permavore with any of my characters.

Wondering what others might think about this.
On subject of free vore art Posted 5 years ago
A lot of people ask me to do free vore art requests for them.

Before I publicly announced that I was selling vore stuff, I did a few commissions for a couple people that took too long. They started guilting me on how long it took, and shaming me on my prices, and told me I should do them private vore sketches for free. So I pretty much became a vore slave to these guys, until one just disappeared and the other got told off by a friend.

Even today, if a person is forceful enough, I can still be pushed to do free vore doodles. All they have to do is keep insisting the pics be free.

It even happened a few months ago. All the person did was guilt me over my prices, tell me what a disappointment I was, and...
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Mora Vore Posted 10 years ago
many people are familiar with my Mora character.

Some have asked for her in vore, which I am not opposed to.

In fact i have decided that if Mora were to ever leave my canon universe and enter someone else's canon... she dies by getting digested/absorbed. This prevents her from becoming anyone's waifu or whatever.

If anyone here would be interested in having your characters eat Mora in your stories and art, feel free to let me know.
Your favorite anime pred candidates Posted 10 years ago
Just wondering...

Who is your favorite male and/or female candidates for vore predator?

Video game characters count as well.