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July Update Posted 2 months ago
Howdy hey! Hope you've all been doing well, and not completely melting in the heat.

First of all, I'm legitimately surprised at the reception the Yuuka story has gotten - if nothing else, it proves there's a decent audience for genderbent 'hus, which is good to know! There's only one other boyhu idea I've been meaning to put to paper one of these days, but it's rather low on my priority list. We'll see if it ever comes to fruition.

Anyway, I've been on a bit of a roll lately, but that's probably going to stop for a bit. Due to a combination of important IRL matters I need to tend to and my own building health issues, I doubt I'll be getting much done as far as writing goes this Summer. There's a chance I might be able to finish something by August, but I...
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Potentially Opening Commissions Posted 2 months ago
Over the last while, I've been considering the possibility of opening up commissions in the future. Not anytime soon, of course: I'm a rather slow writer and want to prove to myself that I can write consistently enough to warrant letting people buy things from me, as well as having enough personal projects to keep me busy for the next while. But when the time comes, I figured it'd be a good way to experiment with ideas I would've never considered otherwise.

Would there be any interest in something like that? Again, it won't be for a while, if they happen at all, but there's no harm in gauging interest early!
me reading a fic immediately after writing it: Posted 3 months ago
this is my magnum opus. the height of my accomplishments. the crème de la cum, if you will. nothing i have done, nor ever will do, will come close to this

me reading a fic two days after writing it: this fucking sucks. what the fuck
god damn Posted 4 months ago
i want to write more male prey content. f/f and m/f are good and all but they're oversaturated as all hell, lol
q&a Posted 5 months ago
have you ever wanted to know my opinion on the cuban missile crisis? now you can!

ask me questions to distract me from my own mortal coil. i will, perhaps, answer them
today's mood of the day is Posted 7 months ago
suddenly being in the mood for something absolutely unhinged and debating if it's worth writing about before the feeling passes and i feel like a werewolf reverting back after a full moon, standing in front of the mirror and staring at my trembling, blood-soaked hands
men Posted 8 months ago
Audience Check-In Posted 8 months ago
Ello, ‘ello, hola! Ciao and bonjour! I suppose it's time for a bit of an update - with one of the 100 Watcher Special Requests finished, I've begun to chip away at the remaining two. In addition, I have my absurdly long backlog of WIPs that I've been working on, on and off, in accordance with my mood. You're probably gonna get one uploaded before the second request if all goes well, since I've made particularly good progress on it.

Besides that, I've been dealing with some rather... uh, complicated feelings about my own work lately. I've been worrying I've been diverging too much with my content to the point where there's no consistency with my content. So I've decided to ask:

What do you want to see more from me? Be they specific kinks or certain series, I'd...
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staring at google docs trying to psychokinetically manifest words onto the page Posted 10 months ago
manifest harder damn it
Requests Are Now Closed! Posted 1 year ago
And that's a wrap, everybody. Thank you to everyone who sent their ideas in! I'll be tackling around three of the ideas sent in to me, which I'll steadily work on and upload as they're finished. As for which ideas I decided on; that'll be a surprise. Once again, I appreciate all of the support given to me over these past few years, and I can hope I can continue to meet expectations with future projects!