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Starting to get back to things Posted 1 month ago
I took a break a couple of months ago after my mice all got sick and died. I needed some mental health time to myself. Then after I was done with that I didn't come right back to things over here. I instead decided to take some time to work on published works. I wanted to work on a follow up to my published Yiffpunk novel. (For those of you who are familiar with the Yiffpunk stories I've been posting here... same world, different cast of characters.) I've actually written three new novels in the published series and those should start hitting publication as soon as my editor gets finished with them. But now that I've gotten that out of the way, I intend to get back to working on things here. I tried to finish up Miss Nolly's Spring Break during Shark Week but then things came up and I...
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Still not writing/Sick mice update Posted 3 months ago
As I mentioned in my last blog post, all my pet mice were dying. We found out it was Rodent Coronavirus. I only had one mouse, Miss Bianca, left. And I wasn't doing any writing while I'm going through all of this.

Update: Miss Bianca died a few hours ago. I spent the entire day with her, doing my best to nurse her back to health, but just before midnight she died while I held her. It was not an easy death. This virus doesn't do that. But as horrible as it was, I was not going to let her die alone. I held her and kept her calm until she was gone. Then I cried and raided the liquor cabinet. I'll be spending Sunday bleaching out all my cages and on Monday I have to make a trip into the city to pick up the new mice the pet store is offering to replace the ones I just lost....
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I haven't been working much lately. Sick Mice. Posted 3 months ago
So a little known fact about me is that I keep pet mice. I have a long history with mice going all the way back to childhood when I unexpectedly received two as a Christmas gift, and just as unexpectedly became a mouse breeder. I don't breed them anymore but I still like to keep a few as pets. I love my mice dearly. I'm like Willard, if Willard was a woman and kept mice instead of rats. (Although I haven't figured out how to train them to kill my boss yet...) The last two weeks have been very hard on me though and I haven't gotten any work done because of it. It's been two weeks of pain and stress and a little bit of crying myself to sleep at night. For the last two weeks I've been dealing with my adorable little fur babies getting sick and dying one after the other. I have never...
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Coming soon Posted 6 months ago
Now that season 1 of Miss Smalls is finished I'm planning to put it all into a collected volume for publication for anyone who wants to own the whole thing in a single book. Maybe even some bonus material like an exclusive bonus story or something. I'm not sure yet. And this means I'm getting some Miss Smalls art commissioned to serve as cover art for the book. I've already commissioned one of my favorite artists to work with to draw the character art for the cover. So hopefully in a few days everyone will be able to get their first visual look at Clawdette Smalls.
Got screwed by coronavirus Posted 6 months ago
So for anyone wondering why I haven't been uploading fresh content, or publishing new books, or doing literally anything I said I would do, here's an update. I got screwed over by the coronavirus, just like many other people. No, I didn't catch it, thankfully. I'm still healthy, for the moment. But my entire state got put on lock down. This means that no one is able to leave their homes unless they are leaving for essentials or they are considered an essential employee. And I work for the county government, which means I'm sadly an essential employee. Here's why this is a bad thing. With the state on lock down, all county offices have been dropped down to minimum staff. Which means in order for us to keep working while operating on minimum staff, everyone's hours have been cut down to the...
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Medical update Posted 7 months ago
So at this point we still don't know what I have/had. The doctor was never able to figure it out because I kept testing negative for everything. The best he could do was give me a new medication and refer me to a specialist. Although at this point the specialist still hasn't called me back. I'm starting to think they never will. The medication the doctor gave me though seems to be working but I'm worried about when I run out. I don't know if this stuff is going to just take care of it on its own, of if everything will just flare back up the moment I run out.
But to make matters worse, I've now got a debt collector on my tail about an unpaid bill from a hospital visit three years ago. I was sure I had already paid that off but after two days of playing phone tag with hospitals and...
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I'm not doing good. Posted 8 months ago
An update for my readers. You might have noticed a lack of activity from me lately. Many of you may not know but the reason for this is this... I'm suffering from medical issues. It started last month and hasn't gone away yet. In fact, the doctors can't even figure out what's wrong with me. The best they have been able to tell me is that I have "general inflammation". No shit I have inflammation... Every joint in my body is in pain! It's like I woke up one day and suddenly had arthritis in my entire body! I could have told you I had inflammation... But what's CAUSING it?!
And the answer to that is... we don't know... I've tested negative for everything they've tested me for. Including arthritis.
But it's been affecting my ability to work. Both as a writer and at my...
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Happy Thanksgiving! Posted 11 months ago
You may have noticed that I've put up three serialized Yiffpunk stories over the last few days. I figured with it being November I would do some stuff with my turkey girl, Mallory. I'm not making any commitment as to how many I will spam you all with, but I plan to do as many as I can while it's still November just to get in the Thanksgiving spirit. I hope everyone enjoys and don't worry, we'll get back to Miss Nolly's Spring Break and Miss Smalls in due time. Just let me have this... Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays I DON'T hate.
Well I'm fucked... Posted 11 months ago
Yeah, so... What's it been? Two weeks since I got my car out of the shop? Something like that... And now it's broken again... I don't have money to put it back. I spent all of that putting it there the first time. So... Not sure what I'm going to do. I mean... I've got no art skills so emergency commissions aren't really an option and I'm not really attractive enough to sell nudes and I doubt anyone whats to buy my panties... *Laughs nervously because I'm so desperate that may not have been a joke* Don't know what I'm going to do here... Expect delays in new stories and what not. Sorry...
For anyone who was wondering... Posted 1 year ago
Yes, my car is finally running again. Had to replace the entire AC compressor so it would stop snapping my serpentine belt and allow the battery to actually charge. So I can finally get out of the house and go shopping again. About time... All the pizza places were running out of delivery people...

Sadly there is bad news to this story as well. I had been planning to surprise everyone with a new Dank Wildcats book for Halloween. One I hadn't made known that I was working on. But with all the money I had to put into fixing the car and having food delivered to my house, I didn't have any left over to get cover art for it. In fact, with all the extra time I had to spend walking to and from work, I didn't even have time to finish writing it. So that's not going to be out in time...
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