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Request Blorg Posted 1 year ago
*Hopefully this isn't a huge mistake :p*

Okay, so I have 3 or so pictures left to post from 'past' and two stories to rewrite (heavily, they're so bad ;-;) and then I'm up to speed on fresh content! I'm doodling here and there but I thought it'd be nice to get some ideas from you all about what people are really enjoying. And also since I'm due to lose consistency due to housing adjustments over the next few months it's not really appropriate to offer anything involving money, so this lets you get out ideas you might otherwise have wanted to commission!

So, Request Thread!

If you have a request, art or writing, leave it below!

• Any topic goes. If you want to request some cuddlebunny chibi or crazy murdergore then go...
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Tentatively returning. Posted 2 years ago
So...where to start?

Some of you might have noticed, but I've been all but gone for a good two years. Outside a little lurking here and there I have dropped out of the community and site entirely. In essence I got into a very negative relationship. Privacy became a rare luxury and there was such an issue with trust I couldn't talk online to anyone else online when in their company, and when apart had to stay in near constant IM contact. Added to that a constant stream of arguments and half-breakups meant that we never reached a comfortable or stable enough point where I could be open about things like fetishes, or even just the freedom to draw or write in spare time.

The result of this was losing contact with almost all of my social circle and friends, people I'd...
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Friendly Reminder YCH ends tomorrow! Posted 4 years ago
http://aryion.com/g4/view/319339 go here and have a lewk! Even bid if you fancy it!
Cermiershuns er Gerr! Posted 4 years ago
Commissions are up again ^_^

Priceless for the time being, just an agreed upon arrangement with the customer til I can decide what I'm worth, but if any of you lovely people fancy throwing money at me in exchange for something sexy ingesting something sexy in an equally sexy manner, or something alternately lascivious and sultry, hit me up!
Holy Crap. Posted 5 years ago
So the winner of the YCH won with a $125 bid.

Colour me surprised....and set to do my damn best :p

I mean, I slightly 'sold' myself anyway, went with a particularly popular loli character from a recent picture, but still...I'm a little surprised people will pay that much :D It's a nice feeling <3.
YCH running oooouut! :p Posted 5 years ago
Just a friendly reminder to the world (fortunately no one saw me accidentally type that ALL IN CAPS AND TOTALLY NON FRIENDLY BY ACCIDENT!)

http://aryion.com/g4/view/282720 runs out tomorrow, (about 28hrs as of...NOW!) so...if you were waiting for your time, don't miss it xD

I'm already beyond delighted with the attention it got...definitely doing it again xD, and am honestly pleasantly surprised at how quickly and high it reached! (though, it should be noted this is legitimately just a reminder, I'd hate for people to miss out because they forgot and would totally have won otherwise, It's not trying to garner a few more bucks. I'm poor but I'm not that cheap xD)

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I am doing a YCH! :D Posted 5 years ago

Go here, marvel at my totally original business strategy, maybe throw down a bid :D

Seriously though, I'm super happy to finally get this out and get the ball rolling on pricing myself and commissiony works.
BACK, Bitches! Posted 5 years ago
I'm back! More or less; with a few pictures too. University is a killer, but I have the co-ordination to doodle a little in the betwixt-times.

Not..really...anything else to say I'm afraid, I'd like to open commissions soon, I'm thinking I might try one of these 'ych' things first though to see if I can trick you all into spitballing prices at me xD.

Oh, other than to say that no, I don't RP anymore, and no I'm not open to anything along those lines really (pets/mates/'chatting' with ulterior motives and so on) It's a shame to be so blunt, but to be frank I just don't have the time, and I've wasted so much time over the past year or so just waiting on others to do that sort of thing I've given up with it. Same goes for 'friendships', as much as I hate to...
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Sorta back! Posted 6 years ago
What the title says! ^_^

Kicking off by uploading my stuff to inkbunny, HentaiFoundry and Weasyl, and finally posting most of my commissioned/gifted pictures here. And a few personal creations afterwards..probably in a week -_-

But yeah, also, commissions and trades are once again open on a very much 'possibly' rate, no official prices or yes/nos, if you want something or are interested, shoot me a note, but my life's too hectic to take on much or do it 'officially' yet.

Huggles for allll!
Closing Down Indefinitely. Posted 6 years ago
So, after my spectacular failure of an Iron Artist :3, I'm shutting that down after only 9 entries. But not purely because it had such little interest and took me so long to do nothing.

Life's been a pain lately, Staying with family for a lengthy span of time is always a pain, but this time feels worse for some reason; it doesn't help that I don't have a familiar, comfy home to return to at the end of it this time.

I'm travelling for a year or so. It's a wonderful opportunity, don't get me wrong! But...I'm a bit of a wreck when it comes to change anyway, and this year is going to be full of new steps, new people (I hope), and changes. It won't be terrible either, I'm staying with family (I /hope/, it's kinda hard to trust what extended family says when my...
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