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New Fics! (09/1/2021) Posted 1 month ago
New fics incoming!
Not as many as last time, but I hope you enjoy :3

Sleepy Ghost Boy (Pokemon)

Hands off the Goods (The Owl House)

Shouta my Snack (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
Vore Day 2021! Posted 2 months ago
Happy Vore Day everyone!
Hope you all got to snack on your favorite prey (or get nommed by your favorite preds~)
Im actually (barely) on time for my Vore Day special this year, so enjoy!:

(might make a short fic based on this at some point idk)
New Fics! 07/29/21 Posted 2 months ago
Posted some new fics!
They're on the shorter side, but I hope they're plenty enjoyable:

King's Conquest(?) (the Owl House)

Suni and the Vampire Woman (Resident Evil Village)

A Successful Capture (Pokemon)

Waiting for Connie (Steven Universe)

Kana's Mii Meal (Super Smash Bros)
Mega Update! Pics, Fics, New Series and More! Posted 2 months ago
Hey yall~

Hope you're enjoying the stuff i've been bringing to the table.
Im wondering if you enjoy when I post a boat load of different content. I figured that if I post a shit ton of stuff at once, then odds are if you dont like one certain thing theres plenty of other stuff that you might like!

In other news, i've got some more shorter fics i've been meaning to post, hopefully the next batch of posts will be all fics :3

Also! There's a new series i've been meaning to share with yall, one i've been starting like a long while back (the peeps over on the discord already know about it) so hopefully soon i'll be able to start posting it! (its a combination of pics and fics fyi) I just need to finish the cover art for it as an introductory before...
[ Continued ... ]
Quick Update Posted 3 months ago
Update Day! (at least its something)

Sorry for the sudden hiatus, been having indecisive issues in picking what i want to post next, not to mention a really bad art block I've been trying to deal with.
What's worse is that today i lost my fucking tablet pen, so no coloring in my new sketches anytime soon :(

Wish i had more positive news to share, things really just have not been going my way lately. Hopefully I can get back into posting spirits soon.

In the meantime, lemme ask you this:
What series do you want me to do more of? Not to mention characters. I'm sure theres a billion i've been meaning to do that I haven't yet, so be sure to give some suggestions or something.
New Fics Posted 5 months ago
Obligatory fic advertisement:
Read em hehe
Fics! Posted 5 months ago
I finally posted some fics!
Decided to post a blog to link them as well in order to advertise them XD

Hope you give em a read and enjoy!
H E L P Posted 7 months ago
Sorry about the cryptic blog title
But i do actually need help!
Does any writers know what the best doc type to upload?
PDfs are hard to read on mobile, and those only one that seems to upload the whole thing is Plain text format (.txt) but those look ugly as shit
regular Microsoft word pages dont seem to work anymore too, so im wondering what i should do :3
New Uploads Posted 8 months ago
Just a small update.
Hope yall are enjoying all these new uploads ^w^
(i've probably uploaded far more pics in the past month than ALL of last year)
Theres still a LOT of stuff left to share with yall, so I hope you guys are ready

Another thanks for sticking with your lazy gal <3
Merry Christmas/Happy New Years! Posted 9 months ago
Guess what...
I FINALLY uploaded~
And some good shit too (at least i hope so)

This New Year my resolution is to actually have a decent upload schedule eheh
I've got about 5 months of backed up shit i've gotta upload

So get ready to see a DRASTIC difference in quality in my pics, because some i had made before i started doing tablet work. The difference is slight but you'll probably notice ^^;