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Update! [11/17] Posted 2 weeks ago
Hope you like the barrage of content i posted today. Im hoping to yet again be quite active in posting around these parts
(i thought i'd finally post for once since i totally forgot Pokemon Scarlet/Violet WASNT coming out today so i found myself actually having time ^^;)

Might post some more tomorrow(?)

Also! there are a loooot of content that ive had backlogged, so far back that you WILL notice a very VERY obvious difference in quality among them XD
well whatever,i'll hope you enjoy them all regardless :3

-Miss Karrie
Happy Vore Day! Posted 3 months ago
Happy 8/8 y’all
Preys be on the look out for those hungy preds in ur life, and preds, I hear there’s a special 8/8 special at the nearby buffet with some freshly caught preg bitches and glazed femboys~

In all seriousness though, I’m still not quite back, so I unfortunately have nothing to share today. I do however have a good chunk of new wips to finish very soon. Still, if you have any ideas and such you want to see from me I’m all ears
See ya soon!
-Karrie (messaging from my boyfriends ass)
I've Returned!....(?) Posted 4 months ago
Hey everyone, i'm back...I think?
I dunno, still been preoccupied with things, BUT i think I'm finally able to manage time for myself to get back into the swing of things with making content and grossness.
Maybe this weekened I'll post some junk I've had backlogged before my hiatus back in April idk

Anyway, I want to get in action, BUT my motivation is so shit and ideas are ran dry (dont know if its from the overworking or the autism, probably both)
So! If you wanna help mama Karrie get back into the swing of things, gimme some art ideas, stuff you'd like to see from me. Think of it as 'requests', just plz have patience and your suggestion may or may not be chosen

Well anyway, see yall later, and thanks for having such patience for this...
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Life Update: Where I've Been, What's Happening, Whats Up Posted 5 months ago
Heya everybody, been a LONG while hasn't it?
First things first, i would like to apologize for the sudden hiatus

I cant really go over a lot of the things thats been going on with me recently (lots of personal stuff ya'know, dont worry its not that bad), but just know that i needed to take a break from a ton of things, really focus on my own things for a while.

Truth be told, I've been meaning to make a post like this for a while, but constantly put it off because im still quite unsure when I'm gonna be able to return to posting and interacting and such.


...Probably gonna quit DA, its just such a hassle and there are just waaaay too many trolls and the like that it had been increasingly unmotivating to even try to post content...
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Happy Birthday to Me + Updates Posted 10 months ago
Feb 1st is my B-Day :3
(though thisyear im not much in a celebratory mood unfortunately, have to work the entire day >.<)

Anyway, updates on posting

...Still not sure when i'll get back into the routine.
I did manage to recover a lot of my stuff, but there are still things im missing, not to mention how badly disorganized my art is now after recovering it. I've still been making shit in the background however, so content is still on the way, just not too soon.

Anyway, wish ya girl a Happy Getting a Worse Back day <3
Update 1/15/22 Posted 10 months ago
Data is still corrupted, however, im currently using a data recovery program to get my stuff back and its looking promising, so hopefully i'll have all my shit back very soon.
Still not 100% sure when i'll get back to regular posting, but just wanted to let yall know what the situation is
Horrible News Posted 11 months ago
Im sorry everyone
Tonight, i was terrified to discover that the entirety of my flashdrive, the one that contained every single artwork i've made, was corrupted, completely inaccessible.
Literally MONTHS of work done, completely down the drain
I'm attempting to find ways to recover all this data but...

so far things arent looking very bright

Im sorry
I dont known when or how im going to recover from this and start posting again
New Fics! (09/1/2021) Posted 1 year ago
New fics incoming!
Not as many as last time, but I hope you enjoy :3

Sleepy Ghost Boy (Pokemon)

Hands off the Goods (The Owl House)

Shouta my Snack (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
Vore Day 2021! Posted 1 year ago
Happy Vore Day everyone!
Hope you all got to snack on your favorite prey (or get nommed by your favorite preds~)
Im actually (barely) on time for my Vore Day special this year, so enjoy!:

(might make a short fic based on this at some point idk)
New Fics! 07/29/21 Posted 1 year ago
Posted some new fics!
They're on the shorter side, but I hope they're plenty enjoyable:

King's Conquest(?) (the Owl House)

Suni and the Vampire Woman (Resident Evil Village)

A Successful Capture (Pokemon)

Waiting for Connie (Steven Universe)

Kana's Mii Meal (Super Smash Bros)