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Question to All Yall Posted 3 months ago
I've got a little question for you all, that i guess i'll also make a poll for
In regards to the way i post stuff
Do you like it when I post huge bombs of art at one singular time but then wait a long time to post more stuff? Or would you rather have me post items right after i make them, it'll be more frequent but you won't be getting as much art from me at any one time
Discord Info! Posted 3 months ago
Heya, been a while since i updated
As you know, my discord is thicckarrie#7019
I appreciate if anyone wants to friend me on there, however, if you do send me a friend request on Discord, please either send me a PM here or comment on this blog on what your tag is
The reason for this is because of the Hacker risk discord has. There are reports that someone could be hacked just by accepting a friend request alone, so i wanna know that i can trust the people i'm about to accept friend requests from
Happy Spooky Posted 3 months ago
Happy Halloween everyone
Its time for some Kinky Spooky pics ;)
Helping a friend in Need! Posted 5 months ago
One of my good friends  RexLou recently went through a really bad car accident. So he's opening up emergency commissions!
If you can, please help him out, I'm sure any help is appreciated, plus you get something out of it too :)
For more info, follow this link:
https://www.deviantart.com/rex-the-lou/ ... -814213068
Update! Happy Belated Vore Day Posted 6 months ago
Get ready for some late ass Vore Daty specials today! :D
My New Patreon! Posted 8 months ago
I've been a little hesitant about making an announcement, but I might as well do it.

I've got a Patreon now!


Find it in this link here ^^^^

I've actually made it about a month ago but haven't announced it to the public yet, so I finally grew confident enough to announce it.
This where I will make the majority of my commissions for now on.

NOTE: For those of you that have made point commissions with me, do not fret, I will still get those done without any additional charge on your part, but for now on most of my commissions will be made through patreon.

However, I still...
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Motherly Vore Tournament Poll Posted 8 months ago
Here it is! This is the special poll for the order of my special Motherly Vore Tournament.
So get to voting! I'll be tallying all the votes from the poll here, DA and on my Discord ;)

I'll have another poll for the next ten matches as well ^w^
Update! Posted 10 months ago
Hi everyone!
So apparently, a lot of the pics that were taking down a few months ago had returned!
So that's good news

Also! Remember, I have a discord! So if you wanna join and see my art and stories early, just message me :D
Hungry Games: A Vore-Themed Hunger Games Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone!
It's your girl Karrie again!
Bringing you something very, VERY special i've been working on for quite some time.

As many of you may remember, a while back i had created a Vore Tournament and had planned to make it a whole series!
https://www.deviantart.com/deviation/696417795 (With this roster to be exact)

Buuuut....Obviously, that never happened ^^;

However! My idea of making a Vore-Themed competition did not go away, and i was determined to make one

So...i thought of an idea to make a Vore themed Hunger Games!
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New Update Posted 1 year ago
So apparently i'm not supposed to advertise discord servers here
That super sucks tbh :/
So i'm gonna post my discord link on my front page where the rest of my accounts are posted
Also, Tumblr is going to be shutting down pretty much ALL NSFW accounts on the 17th
That piece of crap website has no clue what their doing

In WORSE news, Eka also said that my Kisekae pics aren't allowed either apparently. Just another thing i can't do huh? So i'm going to have to do something about that. They said they are okay on the forums
A bit of a hassle but fine, i'll figure something out