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It’s been 84 years (3 years) Posted 1 year ago
It’s been awhile huh? Haven’t been here, I was more active on tumblr and now that there’s a tumblr purge, I went to different platforms. So how am I doing? Good good. Busy busy. I work full-time now, have a second job, and finishing up my BA, gonna go towards my MS soon. I am...still grieving. My mom passed away two years ago and it’s been hard for me. I still suffer PTSD and stuff. I have my moments but I’m working hard to stay happy, that’s what she would have wanted.

I’ve been drawing fluffy sfw art all this time, it made me feel better and help me through everything. But I also love nsfw and I haven’t drawn it in awhile. So might as well come back with a bang? At least I think so, that new drawing I’m pretty proud of. Going through my art here, I’m surprised at how much I...
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Happy Thanksgiving ^^ Posted 4 years ago
Every year, I always say I'm thankful for my family, friends, and jokingly the Jonas Brothers. This year is different. Most of what I'm thankful for is my mom is still with me today. I knew we were close to losing her, but I didn't know it was more than once. I found out she had coded twice. It makes me very emotional to think about that but I remember that she fought hard and stayed. I am incredibly thankful for the doctors that saved her life and the nurses/PCAs/RTs/PTs that took care of her. I am thankful for my grandma that helped us and was with me during most of those three months, and also I am thankful for the people that kept my mom in their thoughts/prayers and supported us.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Cherish the ones you love. Because you never know what could...
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Uh... Posted 4 years ago
They have construction going on on the top floors of the hospital we're at.
Annnnnnd my grandma and I are like omg what…then she’s like, “it sounds like a giant!”
And I’m like, “Ye-yeah…”