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butter armpits

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: dotto

Tags: Non-Vore just don't look at this I weep for our generation

he eats too fucking much

 catblaster i'm sorry big brudda please forgive 

Keij - 2 years ago

A typo and crappy auto-correct brought me to this masterpiece.
I have no regrets

Belloc - 3 years ago

wadda chungus

Very - 3 years ago

heyy, he looks handsome that way. ;3 it means there's more for his (potential) partners to love.

pendingdele50926gb24 - 3 years ago

I was expecting a grimlin version but this is much more cursed and I absolutely love it

Catblaster - 3 years ago

help i need my insulin.