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just here to spread my oddly specific vore interests, hope you all enjoy them

TAKING REQUESTS: if you have an idea, tell me and i'll probably do it

avatar was drawn by @Okami330

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in the deep dark woods in the dead of the night, a tall tall woman clad in brown robes stood atop a hill and looked down to her forest. three campsites kept fires lit through the night, a like a beacon to her of these intruders. a devious smirk crossed the witch's as she made her way down, her robes draped down to the floor stopping any sight of her legs but her movement was so smooth one would think she was gliding across the forest floor! in mere moments she reached the camp, a happy couple of

"MMPH!" the new employee muffled out while struggling under the large ass that was sat right on him, his entire torso and head were covered by his boss, leaving only his arms free to try and force her off. but henry was a fairly average and skinny guy, while tamia was exactly the kind of person you would expect to work at a company focused on vore products to assist preds. all her weight was on her butt and at around 800 pounds, he was lucky it was so soft. "you do realise this was on your contr

02/02/2022---------------------the biggest pair of breasts she ever saw, the worker though to herself. she simply watched the impossible woman walk down the supermarket isle, all of her body was completely normal except the massive pair of breasts, each one looked like they were the size of a beachball, nearly reaching the ground as they swayed and jiggled with each step. but the worker knew she had to get involved as she spotted the woman picking up items from the clothing section, and stuffing

"where the hell is the..." the long brown haired janitor grumbled to herself, trying to find a specific detergent in the cramped closet. but it seemed to be nowhere to be found. and just as she was about to give up, the door clicked shut behind her. "the f-" she turned around and was met with a massive woman who somehow snuck in, and locked the door behind her. the woman wore a purple hoodie and grey jogging bottoms, her whole body was made of round shapes, like all of her was evenly plump as sh

a couple sat down on a park bench, relaxing in the cool summer breeze under the calm shade of a tree. but their rest was interrupted by a large shadow looming over them, and before either of them could react, two large and soft orbs of flesh dropped into them. muffled cries rang out as they were pinned by the pressure of whatever attacked them. flattening them against the soft mass as it grinded side to side, making it clear this attack was indeed on purpose. "oooh! i can tell you two are gonna

11/11/2021eh just gonna write whatever comes to mind here------------------"shhhh... just relax sugar~" the calm sultry tones of the 6ft tall milf contrasted with the flailing of the young man in her arms. his head wedged between her giant ebony skinned breasts as she gently stroked his hair, "just let mama take you home now~" she pulled down on the collar of her black sweater, gently pushing the young man into the large cleavage, his struggled did little to stop her as he was sent into the soft

15/10/2021hey again! decided to take a break from butt stuff and do something i haven't done in ages, sort of returning to my roots so to speak...---------------------------"jackpot!" a feminine voice whispered to herself as a tendril of light brown hair snakes past trees in the park, latching into a young man with a large afro. "what the he-" before he could say anything, his afro turned to the same brown and he was yanked through the air as the tendril returned to it's owner, the young man bar

Just thought i’d write something to put all my random character ideas into instead of waiting until i had all the motivation to write a full story for them to write anything about them. If any of these concepts interest you then feel free to use them as long as you give me a little credit, but yeah here we go:Catherine the ghost:A big curvy ghost lady who likes to fly into people to absorb them, she can’t actually digest anyone who when she flies into someone they phase through her b

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the short staff member peered around a corner at the shop lifter. a tall women with an hourglass figure, black turtle neck sweater and yoga pants and her black hair done in a large beehive. she was stuffing various hair products into her handbag... just a bag? he thought to himself, then really, it can't be that bad right? it's not expanding to fit the items, it's not vanishing them into nothing, it's just a normal purse... he approached her, looking up at her as his head only reached up to her midriff. "excuse me ma'am, you-" but like so many others, he barely got to finish before he was grabbed by his shirt and lifted up.

pulled into the embrace of her breasts as she smothered him with their softness, only needing one...
[ Continued ... ]

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