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just here to spread my oddly specific vore interests, hope you all enjoy them

TAKING REQUESTS: if you have an idea, tell me and i'll probably do it

avatar was drawn by @Okami330

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27/08/2021yo yo yo it's ya boy... i'll never say that again don't worry, but yeah i just kinda wanna write more stuff with big butts, maybe it's something i'll be known for at some point-------------------------------"MMMMMPH!" a young woman cried out as two soft orbs crashed down on her, the two butt cheeks of sasha, "hold still now!" the two soft cheeks bound in sweatpants kept pressing into the woman, she felt herself sink between them as they expanded, loosing sight of the quiet park she was

Jack and the hotel of misfits: episode oneIt had been a rather unlucky few days for jack. His landlord evicted him from a fairly decent apartment, his job fired him with no proper reason given, and his parents… weren’t an option… for various reasons… but back on topic, he was just about to spend his first night sleeping on the street when a strange letter landed at his feet.The letter was marked with his name written in red ink. He was hesitant at first but soon decided to open it, i

19/07/2021just kinda wanna write some stuff with estel, it'll be quick------------------it was a fairly quiet day at the park. a woman wearing a tank top and booty shorts sat down on a bench, her large ass almost completely filling it. she was sitting down while a prey struggled in her butt, trying to escape but to no avail. she slapped her ass a few times and her face turned to a smug smirk, knowing her prey had no escape. she let her ass jiggle and wobble with the kicks and hits of her prey, b

the sun rose up on a new day for pred beach, and there was already someone there. a tall woman with a massive belly, already jiggling from the five prey she had already caught. she spotted a anal pred, in the middle of stuffing someone into her ass and made her attack, quickly grabbing the anal pred before they could react, she opened her maw and stuffed the woman in head first. the pred could do nothing against her as she was quickly sent down to the already packed belly. but this made her loos

“Get in there already, would ya!” Sasha was annoyed to say the least. She had spent the better part of an hour trying to pull one person into her ass. But this person seemed to have an iron grip on the bench they were sitting on. Sasha kept expanding her ass more and more, overtaking the entire bench, “i ain’t movin’ ‘till you let go and get in partner. So just give it up-” but she was interrupted by a familiar feminine voice, “well that just makes

It was a fairly busy day at the mall. People rushing in and out to buy things they didn’t really need, getting gifts for others or just relaxing with friends, and one clothing store was extremely packed. And two people were going to use that to their advantage…In the dressing rooms, two members of staff were sent to help out some customers. Apparently two of them were in there for far too long and they had to check. The rooms with the problem were right next to each other. The staff memb

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hey again! decided to take a break from butt stuff and do something i haven't done in ages, sort of returning to my roots so to speak...


"jackpot!" a feminine voice whispered to herself as a tendril of light brown hair snakes past trees in the park, latching into a young man with a large afro. "what the he-" before he could say anything, his afro turned to the same brown and he was yanked through the air as the tendril returned to it's owner, the young man barely caught a glimpse of the 6ft tall afro he was stuffed into, his hair absorbed and his face poking out of the afro as he struggled in vain to escape.

someone managed to see all of that, a young woman with long hair, she was...
[ Continued ... ]

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