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just here to spread my oddly specific vore interests, hope you all enjoy them

TAKING REQUESTS: if you have an idea, tell me and i'll probably do it

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It was a beautiful day at the beach, it was a bit cloudy so there wasn’t a ton of people, but there were plenty, this beach had a tendency to attract preds, oral, anal, cleavage, haor, you name it, you were probably going to see it, but today the beach was faced with a rather odd predator. a woman who arguably, wasn’t even a pred given her style of vore, but she considered herself one, and she was dangerous enough to prove itHer name was amity, she wore a full business suit that was

“How do you vore with braids?” shelly asked her friend emma, the two of them were both preds, but they did it in different ways, shelly was rather conventional, her big belly caused by how she ate with her mouth and her navel, it had a few people in it right now, emma on the other hand had a fairly average figure, no clear way for her to eat people, her hair on the other hand was rather impressive, tons of long braids that reached the floor, shelly had never actually seen her use the

The assassin “lipstick” had been hired by a mysterious benefactor to deal with the man known as “go ranger” through any means she saw fit, or as the one who hired her put it “remove this unplanned variable from the equation, any methods are appropriate”---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a dark and cloudy night in the city, lipstick was on the hunt for her target, and

It was the dead of night, a corporate ceo was sleeping in his office, at the top floor of a skyscraper, he couldn’t be bothered to go home, little did he know, that being in his office would seal his fateAn assassin was in the vents, she was of fairly average height, pale skin, curly pink hair, and a tight black leather suit that hid little from the imagination with her figure, but her most noticeable feature was her shiny red lips, larger than most would think possible, nearly covering he

Yesterday was amazing for the tree witch, she had gotten that amazing little hero finn trapped in her home, he was tied with tons of roots, so there was no chance of him getting away. She had left her home to get some fresh air for the day, and to try something out.After she used her bottomless bottom ability to secure finn inside of herself and to take him away, it had been the first time in a long time that she did it successfully, she had forgotten how much she loved doing it! So on this day,

“Oh thank you so much Finn!” the tree witch said with glee, finn had given up all of his hair for her, sure it was to stop her from trapping jake inside her butt, but it still amazed her“Yeah, i guess we should go home now, see ya!” Jake said, he turned away from the witch cna began to head off, Finn began to follow him but the witch placed a hand on his shoulder, “could you stay a moment finn?”“Uh, sure?” he turned to Jake “i’ll catch

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so i want to do more stories for this and you guys probably have some good ideas, so hit me up with them

basic rules:
.female preds only
.no disposal of any kind
.i won't do cock vore or unbirth
.it must be set at this beach from the other stories in this folder

other than that, go ahead

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thanks for the watch !

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No problem! Love Adventure Time vore :D


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No problem!


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Hey, thanks for the fav!


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No prob, it's some nice hair entrapment


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You're welcome


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Thanks for the watch!


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Thanks. I’m always open to suggestions, though I obviously can’t promise I’ll actually write anything


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I am alive! I just don’t have anything to post lol


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Thank you for watching.

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Thanks for the fave!


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I only have character sheets for two characters atm but I like that idea. :)

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