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AcidRenamon's Blog - AcidRenamon Profile Posted 10 years ago

- My name is AcidRenamon and i'm a Skunk-Renamon-Hybrid.
- My body is full of toxic elements, which gives me my power and special abbilitys.
- I'm from germany and 22 years old. My birthday is the 28th November.
- I'm always looking for some new prey (RolePlay) and also write storys.

- Stinkplay (rump, foot, bodyodor)
- Macro/Micro (shrink, grow)
- Absorbation (steal your energy, odor, muscles, intelligence slowly and step by step >:3)
- Vore (Analvore, Oralvore)
- For further information and my abilitys click here.

I only post only my vore-pictures on eka's portal! So if you are interessted about some more...
[ Continued ... ]

2 Replies
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Posted by deleteduser301 10 years ago Report

Love everything I see here ^^


Posted by zephilia 10 years ago Report

Love your art. May the stalking commence >:)

Scentrus Darmoset

Posted by Scentrus Darmoset 10 years ago Report

Awww, I didn't know you were on here! lol


Posted by SagiMewtwo 10 years ago Report

I should definitely join you in an RP sometime, I do enjoy being prey a lot, especially in those situations you listed. X3


Posted by FatalxEclipse 10 years ago Report

your welcome.
maybe we could roleplay or something sometime :D


Posted by Redpod 10 years ago Report

Your welcome:d


Posted by MrBlue 10 years ago Report

you make nice arts :)


Posted by Noctivagus 10 years ago Report

It would be a crime not to keep my eyes on one such as yourself.


Posted by NekuTheEmo 10 years ago Report

of course i'd watch you! >:3 it would of been wrong not too!


Posted by SyH 10 years ago Report

no...thank you for the great pics :3

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Posted by komaru 10 years ago Report

You're most welcome :3


Posted by Codo 10 years ago Report

Hey, you came over here! :3 Sweet! :3

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