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Hmm... If gray fox from metal gear solid is making an appearance as an assist trophy, that means that sonic will likely get one as well :3

My guess is eggman

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Posted by WKTD 8 years ago Report

I have Skype Now


Posted by eadbhard 11 years ago Report


Posted by mirrormind101 12 years ago Report

ive gave roalplay a chance....my new av is my monster forms head....if you want to roalplay i should warn you.....i am pred as well as pray soooo be cearful....

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Posted by Carnoustie 12 years ago Report



Posted by vmoartet 12 years ago Report

What a cute display picture. :)


Posted by acid_phoenix 12 years ago Report

yeah i wouldn't think such a cute lil piggy'd be so lonely, especially on a vore site. I mean think about it, with their eating habbits and their fame as the "other white meat" they could easily be either pred or prey.


Posted by xvRAVERvx 12 years ago Report

This is the loneliest shout box I've ever seen :p

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