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I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...

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head moved around slightly as inside her mind, another memory was of
Renan’s was coming to mind, this time it was another battle between
the king’s forces and the rebels. She thought she had seen the last
of these seeing as for the past month, it had been nothing but good
dreams and memories from Renan’s part but it seemed they had not
left his mind just yet.
saw the lands of the tundra area that lay in the shadow of the
mountains she called home. She saw through the eyes of Sir R

days went by for both human and dragon in the mountains. The once
noble and veteran knight, Sir Renan Bale stirred lightly within the
confines of his resting place. In his unconscious state, he was
happily reacting to his peaceful sleep, while he was still plagued
with nightmares of his past; they seemed to be growing less and less
frequent as time went on.
would still suffer from the occasional nightmare as well as his
bearer who shared his dreams but they seemed to be leaving his mind,

sun rose steadily over the horizon with awakening birds chirping
their morning songs and the mountain snow gleaming like crystals
under the early sun. Inside Shas’ lair, the great dragon lay
sleeping peacefully upon her bed, her belly still a bit swollen from
its occupant she had placed inside of her the night before.
smiled sweetly in her sleep, feeling the movement from within while
her two clawed hands remained covered over her naval. From within,
Renan’s body was shifting around

Renan Bale continued to trudge through the snow covered mountain
trail; he couldn’t turn back and could only keep on going forward.
He still had a long way to go and the path was made all the more
treacherous due to the blizzard which thankfully was showing signs of
clearing at this point. He had always been facing danger ever since
the day he was knighted. It always had a way of finding him or of him
finding it.
the wounded knight couldn’t go on like this, he was worn down and

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Posted by Alhazred 6 years ago Report

I can't believe the amount of watchers I have gotten over the past couple of months. You guys are awesome! Thanks!


Posted by devildog423 6 years ago Report

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No thanks necessary good sir, i would fight by
your side any day!

I serve the doom legion,
our numbers have fallen greatly, but we still fight in the Emperors name!


Posted by haloronin 6 years ago Report

writing is good, .. keeping an eye on your work

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