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It was a clear night in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, and some animals were asleep, resting until daybreak to continue with their lives of survival. It was peaceful, but dangerous, as there are many nocturnal predators that wish to attack those sleeping animals, kill them, and eat them. Among the most dangerous of those predators are Jaguars, Caimans, and Anacondas, all three of them are apex predators, but sometimes, they can encounter, kill, and devour each other. But it seems that recently, a

The sun was shining in the beautiful, verdant, green forest, and all of the creatures that lived there were going about their daily lives. Until, a roar of pain echoed throughout the trees, startling the smaller creatures, and making them flee in terror. A giant thud followed, scaring more of the creatures, and then, a victory cry. At the source of the noises, A Female Cinderace was jumping up and down in celebration. She defeated a Ursaring that tried to steal her berries, and proved to it that

It was a beautiful summer’s day, and The Loud House was definitely enjoying the sunny weather, all of them, except one. Lola Loud was in her room with an angry frown on her face, she was left alone at home because she was grounded for trying to release her sister, Lana’s pet snakes into the house as revenge for ruining her dolls earlier. The rest of the Loud Family was out on an extended family vacation to Bangkok, Thailand without Lola as they wanted to discipline her for what she h

“Ugh! I’m so hungry!” A Male Voice said in disbelief. That voice was none other than Brick, one member of a infamous group of troublemakers from Townsville known as The Rowdyruff Boys. Brick just got lost in a jungle in Borneo after he ran away from home after he had an argument with his brothers over the fact that they just lost to their enemies, The Powerpuff Girls once again. Not only that, he was lost for days, and all of his clothing got ripped and ruined in the harsh, hum

It was a beautiful night in the savanna. A female anthropomorphic pink hedgehog stepped out of the shower, naked and beautiful all around. She was Amy Rose, A 12-year old girl with a huge crush on Sonic. Every time she met him, she went after him, hoping to be with him together. But sonic had other stuff on his mind, so Amy was here in a lodge cleaning herself off and enjoying some rest. “What a day that was! I’m thankful that I have a place to rest!” she said as she laid her n

(Warning: Contains Vore, Hard Digestion)

(All characters belong to Game Freak and Nintendo)

It was a quiet night on the beach. The stars are shining, and the Full moon is out. A Female Serperior, starving, and not having eaten a sizable meal for weeks slithers on the sandy coast trying to find a meal to swallow into her hungry stomach. She tried several

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Posted by Relarity 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To Anaikondra

I know for my first work I had to send a small portfolio to Eka (the head of this website) with artwork that had vore themes. It might detail how to do it if you look in the forums. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


Posted by Anaikondra 6 months ago Report

Hey Relarity. I finished my first story. now how am I gonna put it on this website?


Posted by Relarity 7 months ago Report

<< Reply To Anaikondra

I apologize! I don’t post any writing on this website, just art. There is probably some information regarding how to post literature in the forum or help section of the website (should be on the main front page). Good luck! If you’ve got any questions feel free to note me.


Posted by Relarity 7 months ago Report

Welcome to the portal!

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