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Pronyma smiles to herself as she watches the monitor, another one of the chosen's accursed companions falls into her traps. Having just delivered the chosen to Lord Mithos, she watches the events play out as each of the chosen's pathetic friends falls into another of her well thought out traps. "Mmmhmmhmm.... this is perfect, soon Lord Yggdrasil shall have his beloved sister back, and then...." Pronyma blushes at the thought, but says nothing more.

"And then what, Pronyma?&quo

The Cherub's Mistress
High up in the clouds, miles away from heaven's gate, lies a castle, a large, magnificent castle with a beautiful garden and grand statues depicting luscious nude bodies of men and women alike, some in the act of copulation and other, kinkier varieties. This castle belongs to Lady Amanda, a beautiful, blond haired succubus who has befriended the angels and forsaken the dark desires of her breatheren for chaos and destruction. Her best friend is an angel from the heaven's, A

The following is a short story based on the video game Lost Magic for the Nintendo DS. I have been dissappointed in the lack of hentai material of characters from this great and innovative game, and I hope that my story will, if nothing else, bring this game to the attention of other authors and artists. This is an adult fan fiction featuring sexual situations and voraphilic content. If you are under the age of 18, you shouldn't be reading this, and the author of this piece assumes no liabilitie

BradRepko: Boulderbust Pass, a rugged stretch of dirt road that curves around the base of the Rocktit Mountains to the north. The fields to south bring common field predators, while the mountains and caves that boarder the pass allow for ample places for monsters to make dens and lairs out of, including of course, muttgirls!
BradRepko: Mia, Jasmine, and Christine are three villager class (no fighting potential, monster fodder) girls who have been traveling by way of guarded caravan to the next

BradRepko: Bianca is a beautiful red headed girl, a twenty year old college student in a world where furries, demi humans, and humans co exist. She dabbles into sexual magics, and can do some neat little spells, but that is the extent of her abilities in that area. Tonight she is babysitting a pair of adorable catgirls as their mother had urgent buisness that called her away. Having fed the twin cuties, she goes upstairs to take a shower. The twins, left to their own devices downstairs, are loun

SpaceBatV: I slowly strode down the forest path until I reached a small clearing. Several close friends of mine had been reported missing since they entered this forest, maybe they had an accident, so I had to watch out for them, and bring them to the next hospital if needed.
BradRepko: The sky is a pink shade as twilight rears it's head, it will be night soon, and the wild animals and beasts of burden will come out in force. Once it gets dark, finding your way back through the forest will beco

BradRepko: NekoNeko Resort, a beautiful luxury hotel on a tropical island catered by bevies of beautiful neko girls. Rumor tells that a lovely, beautiful catgoddess lives on the island and keeps disasters and such from befalling it, as well as keeping the catgirls safe. It's an old rumor though, most people regard is a simple legend told by the native catgirls from before it was a resort island.
BradRepko: Nekomimi smiles as she lays back on a secluded portion of the beach, the early morning s

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BradRepko's Blog - Where is My Beloved? Posted 12 years ago

A.... Amanda... wh-where are you. Haven't heard from you....... Christmas Eve. Be...loved... why haven't you..... been on.... or..... e-mail me. I miss you...... not in my... right mind.... without you. I'm like a man.... walking through a dry, dry desert.... with no water.... without you. Beloved.... *cries* BEEEEE-LOV-ED! *sobs*

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Posted by Baz 9 years ago Report

All OK dude?


Posted by deidara 12 years ago Report

what up my name anthony is nice to meet u add me


Posted by sandyQ 12 years ago Report

I just love your interactive stories. Man you could write stories around the licensed pred's Nichole, Megan, Lindsey and Amy. I'm partial to Amy.



Posted by deidara 12 years ago Report

hi i new here add me nice to meet u


Posted by Amalia 12 years ago Report

hey, you know I can't PM, so I can't reply to the PM you sent me


Posted by at_tltb 13 years ago Report

Thank you for fav.
I love your stories too. ^^


Posted by Lucky 14 years ago Report

Hey Brad!

It seems you've become far more aggressive since last I saw you. Very cool. Even if you are a philogynist, I'm glad to see you again. : )

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