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By C

(Contains: amorous fairies, a big spider, non-consensual & semi-consensual fairy-catching, plus lots of tears, screams, panties, and erections.)

Tom would never forget that summer he first stayed at Grandpa's farm. Of all the memories he cherished from that visit, there was one thing he dwelt on more than any other: the Spider's Bridal Bed.

It was the summer after Tom's eighteenth birthday, and his first year of college had not gone well. He didn't re


By C

I. The Journey

Every now and then, Coyote had a yen to travel. Since he was (generally) a considerate coyote, he would map out his itinerary and get a hunting license for the route he planned to take. This time, he was going to the seaside territory of Lemuria, so he looked into the cost of a fishing license. To his delight, he found he could do a week's worth of unlimited fishing and hunting for a reasonable fee. "Just let me pack!" he said. H


By C

One day, Minnaloushe the jumping spider was resting by the pond with her friend Aranea. Something in the water caught Minnaloushe's notice: a pair of merfolk drifting by. They were a boy and girl, on their sides, embracing each other and whispering endearments as they slid quietly through the water. They were beautifully human down to the groin: the boy a slim but well-muscled blond, the girl a full-breasted brunette. Beneath their groins, they had brilliantly colored

Minnaloushe By C

Minnaloushe was a young, and very ambitious, jumping spider. Shortly after she hatched, Grandmama looked at her and said to the girl's mother: "Aurelia, she'll be quite the hunter some day!" Every time thereafter that Grandmama came to visit, she said: "Yes, quite the hunter!" Unfortunately, Grandmama's words went straight to Minnaloushe's head. Soon, her siblings and other playmates got very sick of hearing: "I'm going to be a great hunter; just you

The Mercy of Sarabandeby C

Sarabande was an orb-weaver, one of those quietly efficient fairy-killers for whom long-suffering humans are always grateful. Now fairies are too clever for a spider web that sits there, plainly visible, week after week. So Sarabande used a special silk, invisible to fairies until it was too late. And she built five new webs every night, always in different places from those of the night before. She'd then spend the day going from web to web. If they had caught anyt


Part I

Like other vulpiform bipeds, Sly Foxx was a handsome fellow, with his bright red fur, his big pointed ears, and his toothy grin. His hands and feet were black-furred, and looked just like pretty boots and mittens. Though he was tall for his kind (almost five feet), he kept the solid build normal to human-fox hybrids. Like other vulpiforms as well, he was a gifted hunter. His teeth were sharp syringes, dripping with a

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