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Disclaimer: VWA Matches are not intended to determine who would actually win in a fight they are determined by authorial preference and storyline needs.

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VWA, Vore Wrestling Alliance
Vore Match #7
Supergirl vs.
Captain Marvel
As always the two
Superheroes stand in their respective corners ready to fight. Kara
Zor-El aka Supergirl holds up a Championship VWA Belt being the
current title holder. The crowd roars in anticipation of what is sure
to be a Knockdown, Drag out, and super sexy brawl.
"Ladies and
Gentlemen this is a Title Match for the VWA Vore Championship, in the
ring is Kara Zor-El aka the reining champion Supergirl! And her

Anny the Assassin
Chapter 1: The
Thrill of the Kill
In a warehouse just
outside of Las Vegas, two men are holding guns one is a well dressed
business man with dark sunglasses the other is a thug like mafia goon
hired to protect him "don't worry Mr.Thawne no one even knows
this place exists you're perfectly safe here" he says this not
to comfort his compatriot but himself. He knows who is after them. An
assassin named Anastasia, one of the best in the world and...known
for her unorthodo

VWA, Vore Wrestling Alliance
Vore Match #6
Sora Takenouchi vs
The two tomboys
stare each other down from across the ring, each is in a corner and
ready to defend the honor of Pokemon and Digimon respectively. An
announcer stands between the two holding a microphone "Ladies
and Gentleman this is a VWA Vore match!!! To my left, The fiery
redheaded water trainer Misty!!! And to my right the tomboy and
leading lady of the original digidestinded Sora Takenouchi!!!"
As the two finish t

VWA Rules and Regulations
Standard Match Rules
Victory Conditions:
A match can only be won by ingesting an opponent and holding them for
at least a ten count or by making them tap out to a fart or
submission hold (After which the crowd decides their fate)
1. No character
other than the competitors may step foot into the ring once the bell
Penalty: The
offending character will be forcefully removed from the ring via
being eaten by Hilda the head of security.
2. No character
shall be permit

VWA, Vore Wrestling Alliance.
VWA OC Match #1
Tsunade vs. Zuzana
The two women stand
across the ring from one another. In one corner. Tsunade the Fifth
Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I'm the other corner
Zuzana easily the largest competitor in VWA history both in size and
weight. Zuzana stands at a little over twelve feet tall and easily
weighs half a ton. Meanwhile her opponent Tsunade is less than half
her height and weight but still she is a ninja so she's used to these
kind of

VWA, Vore Wrestling
Vore Match #5
Daphne Blake vs
Velma Dinkley
The two Mystery Inc.
Girls stand on opposite sides of the ring "This is it huh
daphne?" The bespectacled Velma says to her friend and partner
in crime solving "Yeah, Velma no holding back now let's make the
best of this...I bet you'll taste so cute." Daphne replies,
putting on lipstick as The announcer steps into the ring and with a
smile he proclaims the match type as usual "Ladies and Gentlemen

VWA , Post Match Interview #2
Sakura Haruno vs
Tifa Lockhart
The cameras show our
familiar little neko girl Nyan Vana, this time dressed in a pink
version of Samus' Zero Suit "hey ladies and gentlemen of the VWA
Universe its me again the cutie Nyan Vana!" She strikes a cute
pose before taking a few steps with the view of the camera to reveal
Sakura Haruno the pink haired kunoichi and her current victim Tifa
Lockhart sitting in a bubble, Sakura wears nothing but a G string and
Bikini to

VWA, Vore Wrestling Alliance
Specialty Match!
Foot Fetish Fight
Juliet Starling &
Tionishia vs Esmeralda & Jessica Rabbit
The two teams begin,
both in the ring at first and in they're respective corners they're
bare feet are exposed since the match does not allow competitors to
wear shoes. As they wait and talk about who gets to start the match
the tuxedoed announcer steps into the center of the ring "ladies
and gentlemen tonight we have a new match types for you! Welcome to

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Detective's Blog - The Next Match up Posted 4 years ago

Okay so the next match is gonna be something for the ladies :wink: Deku from My Hero Acedemia will be stepping into the ring for extra credit. Who should he fight?

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Posted by Straxacore 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav ^_^


Posted by TakenIn 5 years ago Report

thanx for the watch ;)


Posted by SynningStar 5 years ago Report

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Sorry for the late response, but yeah! You're writing skills seem pretty good!


Posted by Gelenor 5 years ago Report

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glad you liked it. I will keep doing more in the future.


Posted by Gelenor 5 years ago Report

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You mean for commissioning it?

Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 5 years ago Report

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alright I just want to see the others aside of my own

Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 5 years ago Report

I can't wait to see the next one!


Posted by SpectralStryder 5 years ago Report

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You're doing real good, keep it up. I can't wait to see what's next.


Posted by Gelenor 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the Watch


Posted by linthia 5 years ago Report

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Hmmm ... kinda like this x)


Posted by JohnMorningwood 5 years ago Report

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You're quite welcome! And if I happen to think of anything, I'll be sure to let you know!

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