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I will mostly be posting RP logs here, but hope to write some original stories some time~

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Fania is an adventurer, a free mercenary who roams the land performing odd jobs for settlements and cities, selling her martial prowess to bands in need of a stout ally, and of course following any lead that might end in a treasure hunt. In her heart however she is always a huntress first, raised in a tribal society in the woods, only eating what she and her tribe sisters could hunt. The catgirl has been comfortably living in the woods near a settlement of civilized races recently, learning its


turns her attention to Fania. She sees the look on the Miqo'te's face and hums, before walking up the hill towards her and the... the "beanbag" chair she has. "Hey- sorry to see your gut-fillers weren't able to finish what they started. If you'd like, maybe I could help fill the gap they left inside you?" Neri offers, a hand on her hip and a smile on her face. She jerks a thumb behind her. "I live not far from here, so... We cou

The face of the huntress of the mousegirls' forest suddenly fills Larae's view seemingly from out of nowhere, lips closing around just her hips with her tail inside the dangerous maw. Fania's front teeth come down gently to hold Larae in place without breaking skin, an unspoken warning about wriggling


hard, lifting her up to dangle head and feet above the forest floor from a catgirl's mouth

Fania is hiding in the forest, crouched behind cover with sharp green eyes watching the trail in front of her for movement. A net trap lies open clearly in the middle of the trail just past where Fania is hiding, and a classic spring-loaded trap (with a rubber bar to immobilize rather than hurt) baited with fresh berries is just off the side of the trail opposite Fania's hiding place. With traps like these left in the open, surely the catgirl must be planning something…

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Possibly better than the Locker Room: Shrunk and Drunk ... 0f5887e651

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Posted by OishiAtsukau 6 days ago Report

Very nice work, I may be partial but I say the more mousegirls the better


Posted by ChristyRai 7 days ago Report

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Purrrfect~ Would'nt want to be anything else but Fania's catfat~


Posted by ChristyRai 9 days ago Report

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No chance of escape once Fania churns me into gut fat~


Posted by ChristyRai 2 weeks ago Report

Hoping Fania.. would digest me <3


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mhm mhm

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Posted by Ymir 3 weeks ago Report

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I don't know... But as i saw you, i was in love! :3


Posted by supernova 3 months ago Report

THANK YOU for the FAVORITE! I appreciate it! MORE COMING SOON!


Posted by Fatedmeal 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favorite. Love your gallery.


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Thanks for the favorite, Fanny. c:

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Can't wait to see more content from you


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<3 you're welcome, likewise!

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