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I enjoy that mod for skyrim "devourment."

Best tip i can ever give is: backup your videos and stuff just in the off chance it gets deleted so your computer will remember it and you won't forget it. :( I do always just encase.

I found it on loverslab it led here.....then it was deleted....something about it being used on children...
then it popped back up again with users making their own versions of it from the original.

ether way I enjoy how the mod has aged.

I'm on youtube btw doing some vore stuff

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I always go heavy on the censoring in my videos sometimes people ask for an uncensored version
so i want to dedicate this Blog to the clips without censoring.

All the vids i've made so far are backed up with the original video file so im unable to edit those
so i'll start doing this from current vids i make from now on.

It's not going to be the full vid just the saucy parts that we're all here for right? ;)

1.) Skyrim Vore - Dark Digester part 6!Av9t3bP0mFoxhWsgNyL ... U?e=t8i8Fa

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ShadeSnow 11 days ago Report

Hey! It's been a hell of a while. Let me know if you got a discord or anything!


Posted by tito34 2 months ago Report please see my new job


Posted by GraysonTheWolf 3 months ago Report

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Thanks. I actually need to update it lol. I havent been a wolf in years


Posted by Totheendofglory 3 months ago Report

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The name comes from the alpha legion. love your videos.


Posted by KamiKaze1337 5 months ago Report

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Welcome! Installed your mod for Devourment recently. Been good fun!


Posted by Daniel2687XB 5 months ago Report

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Of course!


Posted by PervyLesbian02 6 months ago Report

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hehe, you're welcome. :3

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Posted by EdgySpiderman 6 months ago Report

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Anything to keep you in line ;)


Posted by Crystalshadowlugia 6 months ago Report

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makes sense i do like the round bellies they get afterwards.~


Posted by Crystalshadowlugia 7 months ago Report

i found you through your youtube channel. i love your videos. also by the looks of it someone made an addition to allow the big belly mesh models from the updated vore mod for the other races. found here: hope it helps making better videos or making things more fun!


Posted by RebeccaMouse 7 months ago Report

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It's ok


Posted by crazytf2 1 year ago Report

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