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Hi, I'm Hungrynacho, Skipperauroras is another username I go by In other places. I'm a lady and this is where I'll post my vore I draw and possibly write, I like to keep my vore content secret that's why I joined here. I like mostly male pred content but sometimes I like female preds just not that much. I like pretty much any type of vore. Also, I'm kind of shy also I have trouble responding sometimes because of my social anxiety. I have so many interests that it's hard to keep count sometimes.

I plan to make this my vore themed Deviant Art account, where I'm trying to work the courage up to post some of my vore there -

This is my non vore deviant art account -

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Warning if you like characters Sylvie or Mobius this story is not for you, I know in the past I tried to like Sylvie but honestly despise her as a character and this story you can tell, so please if you like the character, don't read this, I'm only having a warning because the last time I wrote something spiteful with two different characters from a different subject, I was attack in my dms. The REAL Loki enters the Loki Series looks around, spies on their actions, and gets disgusted. "Of course

I seemed to be in a familiar dimension, quite tropical but it seemed to be underground, I stayed on my guard despite being an anthro velociraptor and having my teeth and claws to defend me, you never know what could sneak up on you while dimension traveling. I mean yeah I had reformation powers but I'm not always immune to pain and due to my colorful cotton candy-like feathers, many things were ready to tear me apart to eat me, or swallow me alive and digest me and I did not feel like doing that

Also this an Alternate Universe where Loki lives in Infinity War, because I think it's better that way, sue me. Loki was minding his own business, he was on Midgard he had a favorite food on Midgard called Lucky Charms and Odin would never let him have it, yet he lets Thor have Poptarts sometimes? No wonder why Loki feels like there's always some sort of favoritism thing going on amongst his Asgardian family well I guess it's good Odin's out of the picture huh? Loki tried to use a simple disguis

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HungryNacho's Blog - Confession Posted 1 year ago

Guys, I'm going, to be honest, I probably won't do anything with Sylvie in the future only because I just tried to like her, but it's come to my reality that I really don't like her because she is a very hypocritical character when you think about it and she's just mean to Loki for no reason. I also wanted to say I really don't like the Loki show, some stuff was some good thing but most of it was bad and humiliating to me as a Loki fan I mean I might do some fanart stuff with it but I am not watching Season 2 of Loki mostly because they did not do his character justice and I'm not afraid to say that, also the show should have been about him, not some character that's supposed to be 'Lady Loki' even though she hates being called Loki so she's not really. I'm sorry but Sylvie just isn't my...
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