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The arid desert of Equestria was deadly. Many pony


and explorers and discovered that, the ones that lived able to tell the tale. Yet Ponies still travelled there to settle new towns and build lives for themselves, creating places to call home.



was the largest of these towns, having

This human was odd. That was Luna’s first thought of Owen when

she met him.

He wore more clothes




the usual human, more variation anyway, and he had a slight accent, although not enough that she couldn’t understand his Equestrian.


Long ago on the Equestrian continent, two different species evolved and formed societies

separate from each other. To the south, humanity lived in feudal villages and small towns littering the fertile fields and the natural ports. Each town had its



, trade between the towns connected by a series of dirt roads the towns all protected from bandits a

In the deep, dark depths of Tartarus, a prisoner lay on the ground, magical chains keeping him trapped within the underworld. His black cloak hid most of his features, but it was clear he was a centaur. The previous

mighty and powerful lord Tirek let out another sigh, wondering how long it had been since Celestia and her cursed ponies had trapped him in this hell pit once again. What he wouldn’t give for some company as he was left to rot, Cerberus making

The Grand Galloping Gala was in full swing. Ponies of high class talked to each other about status, wealth and the latest gossip amongst each other. The moonlight helped illuminate the castle, with the lamps and lights helping bring a nice, warm vibe to the outside area. A live classical band played the oldest symphonies, ponies enjoying the beverages and snacks provided by the castle staff.


Spike hummed to himself, the castle crystal walls gleaming in the suunlight. He chewed on the gem cupcake he had gotten for a deal at Sugarcube Corner, as the Cakes were trying to get rid of any food they had to prepare for tomorrow's holiday. Heart's and Hooves decorations were being put up all over town in preparation for the day of love. Spike finished his cuupcake and opened the doors to the library, seeing a familar site.
Every since yesterday, Twilight had been sitting infront of

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Hey, I created a tumblr profile based on Spike dealing with hungry ponies, if you want to you can check it out and ask any question you may have for the little dragon.

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