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Primrose_Academy: -At last the first class of the day was over. The
halls were full of students, a sea of swirling red skirts and
feminine shapes, all moving about between lockers and conversing
groups. Many of those girls were cutting through the courtyard, an
open-air section near the library. Brick paths wound their way
between trees and hedges, and a couple of nice statues stood here
too. It was a slice of serenity in the middle of an otherwise busy
school. Stone benches here were q

[Primrose_Academy -> Tzelle]: -At last, the weekend! School had
wrapped on Friday, and the rush of girls leaving immediately had died
down; a good number of young ladies were still walking the halls,
their red skirts swishing about pleasantly as they scurried to finish
up so they could start the partying. On top of the usual buzz of a
Friday, there had been another exciting bit of gossip fluttering
about. Next week, there would be a bunch of new girls transferring
from Chateau LaFleur

really hate this job."
looking up from the magazine she was paging through, Claire offered a
noncommital noise of acknowledgement. She and Arianna had worked at
the tiny gas station for two years, and every time they worked
together, it was the same complaints.
bad enough I have to drive almost an hour to get here every day,"
Arianna continued, scrawling on a blackboard with a piece of chalk.
She was writing up the day's specials (the snacks that had expi

-> Tzelle]: -A few days had passed since Tzelle had eaten Madison,
and the school carried on as it usually did. It was nearing the
weekend; tomorrow was Friday, and already the place was abuzz with
talk of parties and plans. At the end of the day, the cheer squad was
practicing; there were ten girls shaking their stuff in the middle of
the gym, and a few students had turned out to spectate. Miss Foxy,
the luscious dark-skinned teacher was giving pointers and keeping
time, bu

-> Tzelle]: -It was after school on Tuesday. By now, the class was
buzzing with rumors of Victoria's disappearance; when one of the
student parliament vanished, it generally got people talking. Nobody
knew who had eaten her, but the end result was clear; Victoria
wouldn't be seen again. The bell rang at the end of math class, and a
number of girls filed out. Jinx was one of them. The pretty redhead
was a slim girl, and she wore her uniform in a more modest way than
most of t

-> Lexanna]:-It was first break, and already, Victoria had a
stalker. She was a lovely redhead, with bright hair which bounced
with every step. Hers was a slender figure, though her full bust
pressed at her neatly-buttoned blouse, and her red pleated skirt was
dangerously short. A pair of knee socks, some nice pumps, and a red
tie completed the look, all of it neat and proper. Some girls didn't
respect the uniform, but Victoria was not such a girl. She was the

-> Primrose_Academy]: Finding quiet moments in Primrose was a
battle. The moment she started publicly dating one of the girls and
they didn't get eaten, there'd been an ever increasing amount of
attention and stares. Samantha was getting used to them for the most
part, and actually trying to have a life in the school past doing her
classes hadn't helped that whole situation one bit. But all the same
there were just days she needed a breather, to get away from the
looks and the

-> Primrose_Academy]: It was late, around the time that the sports
groups were letting out. Samantha had done a lap or two around the
track to at least try and stay in shape without resorting to her
wings. Getting back, she'd put a tablet of something that she'd
prepared the night before into a small bottle and shaken it up. No
real taste, and just a voodoo witch doctor's cure, but it was meant
to pull a head-shrinking routine on the whole body if she could just
find someone ni

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Enjoyed reading them a lot, thank you for uploading these awesome stories.


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More Primrose Stories should be going up over the next few days. Enjoy!


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Loved them. Thanks for posting.


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Hey folks! You may have noticed that I'm now posting up some chat logs. In the couple of years I've run 'Primrose Academy', we've had some epic storylines emerge. So if you'd like to check it out, click on the Primrose Academy folder and take a look. Each story is marked by which school year it was a part of, and those are organized in the order they take place.


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Are you going to finish Monstrous Road Trip?


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Hi :)


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New stories! And hopefully more coming soon!


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