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ride. Part one, Rocks, waves, and a Whale
Present day: As a mother
and her little girl of five were enjoying a late spring day on a
beach, somewhere in south Florida. The mother was awakened by her
excited child bringing her what was first to be something someone
tossed out of a boat. At first the mother thought it was trash.
“ Aww, are you trying to clean up the beach? We’ll be sure to
recycle it, so the fish or whale doesn’t get it stuck in their


Lost and Found

1: Matt's Situation.

Matt was now in a dark place. And for all he knew, this place would become his tomb. He fumbled around in the dark stone bowels of the sphinx, for a secret exit of some sort, unable to see anything but blackness. Judging the way this room was built, it was completely round with no corners.

Outside, Azul and Erik, (or as many called him, Ace) had been shouting to Matt hoping to get a response, but the walls would not let sounds pass through th

The Vanishings on Mt. Silence

By Kobra.

November 8, 2008dedicated to someone very specialAuthor's note: Names have been changed for various reasons.

In a land unknown, there is a massive mountain range with beautiful plants and green trees. It had seemed almost untouched by the human race. The air was cool and brisk and snow covered the peaks of these majestic mountains, also known for the many hot springs there. While the sounds of birds, insects and other animals could be heard practi

IIMemories:Past, Gone, Dead:The other Earth

To recap, our hero had been sucked through a tunnel of space and time as a result of a scientific accident on Earth. There he found he was not alone, for a demonic girl had been imprisoned here. and she wanted ALL of him. But when one door closed, another opened. Needless to say, the she-demon was not amused and had hit Matt on target with a ball of painful energy fired from the tip of her fingers. She however could not escape through the portal

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Have you ever felt the pain of losing someone you never knew, but knew OF? It happened for the fourth time in my life. In early 2001, it was Dale Earnhardt, A year and a half, Robin Williams then Chris Squire (From Yes)... The reminder of mortality despite status came to me earlier this week on a Monday morning. A certain musician who needs no introduction, passed away. Turns out it was liver cancer that did it.
But it gets worse, A lot of religious people on their high horses are now condemning the now-deceased David Bowie, saying he was a devil worshiper, and saying that he's in hell. No respect for the dead. That's in horrible taste. No respect!... IT sickens me. Being as wealthy and popular as he was, I thought he'd have the upper hand in his fight...
[ Continued ... ]

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