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Hey there, I'm Michenako. I am a girl, 19, and, uh...yeah. I guess if there's anything specific you wanna know, just ask. I have been very heavy into soft vore (Sometimes unbirth, but in rare circumstances), especially when it involves tentacles, for a few years now. Always looked around on eka's portal, and various other sites, but I have been too timid to actually make an account. Anyway, here I am now, hope I make some friends.

I enjoy being the "unwilling-at-first" prey, especially being a naive, young girl in role-play. Nothing is better than the sexual, or general, corruption of the innocent. My biggest turn-on's vore-wise are amphibians, reptiles, tentacles and insects (Like spiders, caterpillars, or plants.(Especially ones that lure prey in via pheromones, like pitcher plants). I really like the thought of being tightly bound in their webs/silk). Anything that involves me being tightly wrapped up, with no hope to ever escape is perfect, and even better when it comes with anything slimy, sticky, or gooey, and especially when it's so hot I can't help but pant desperately~

*2016 edit* So it's been an awful long time since I updated this. Years, in fact! I am now 21, rather than 19. Other than that, still basically the same. So, yeah, that's the update!

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