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Hello! You're looking at the only person in existence who used PowerPoint to make vore vector art! Call me Milly.
Me? Just an 19-year old girl who likes other girls and their bellies and rubbing said bellies and doesn't take much seriously and daxjbfakdjbkd. If you've read anything I've made, you'd know you'd be hard pressed to find a single sentence of mine without finding some kind of Joke™. Jack off to my works.
I'm one of those few people who doesn't really care much for digestion... I only like it under very specific, difficult to explain circumstances. My biggest love goes to pure non fatal endosoma :3 And keep any types of vore other than oral and droppings away from me at all costs pls

I'm currently on a big hiatus so I can get my life together. I don't know how long it'll be until I'm back.
DiscordTag: Milly B. Jones#7074 Go ahead and add me if you'd like to talk. I hope I won't annoy you at all. Disclaimer: Probably don't expect any RPing.
Also can no one think of any excuse for a magician to eat someone around here other than "It's a magic trick!"

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So I don't really know how to say this, but...
When I started this whole account I thought I'd pretend to be a cis girl as one of a few deliberate discrepancies between me and my SFW life to lower the risk of me ever being found out, but I can't keep lying to everyone. Please take anything I've ever said about my personal life with a grain of salt except for my age and birthday, for example.
I'm actually still pre-op because my whole family's constantly stressed over a sibling of mine being trans too but not old enough to get the op yet, and I don't want anyone getting more worried over anyone else just yet. :(
I should admit that since I haven't transitioned, my self-insert only really looks like what I...
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Posted by JaredTheCat 1 day ago Report

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Glad to hear. Keep an eye out, because
More art of her will be coming soon.


Posted by HiddenIke 1 day ago Report

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Any time!


Posted by HiddenIke 7 days ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by thebigcat 10 days ago Report

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No problem!


Posted by ItsJustaGoober 11 days ago Report

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Quite welcome~!


Posted by redgirl 11 days ago Report

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thank you for watching too !


Posted by LVFrost 13 days ago Report

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No problem sweetheart!


Posted by AuroreGal 2 weeks ago Report

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No problem, your character is beatiful <3


Posted by AeonRaptor 2 weeks ago Report

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You’re very welcome!


Posted by YamiTakashi 2 weeks ago Report

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np darling ^^

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 2 weeks ago Report

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holy crap you're fast

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