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Maggie shifted in her bed before she pulled herself, the bed sheet slinging to her ample figure as she stretched and got up, her body unclothed as she strolled through the house before she opened her wardrobe and sighed, plucking a radiant red gown off its hanger and put it up, a breathe released as the straps were loose, the whole thing fell to her ankles and the top barely hung there as she knew the problem, but she didn’t want to say anything for the most part.
A common

The day started like any other and Natalie was getting up just the same as she sat up with some challenge and she sighed before getting out of bed, standing before her mirror and profiling, looking from the side showing her problem as her middle had a bit of chub settling on it and she gripped it before releasing, it soft to the touch and molds to her hands, a groan rolling out as she knew her problem, she was a bit overweight, her doctor, however, told her that having it as acceptable, everyone

The alarm rang and a groggy woman shifted from her bed before turning it off and resting her head back on the pillow as she mumbled a little. “Please… five more minutes…” She shifted a bit more before she pushed off the covers, neglecting her topless body before she swung her legs out and stood up, lace panties hugging her hips as she yawned, stretching and walking into the bathroom before pulling it down and relieving herself on the toilet. She waited before finishing

Short #1

It was evident at times that no one really noticed what was happening around them, Sam is just the guy who saw them, but the first few times he called out or tried to confront the individual, he was blocked, called a liar, or even ousted out for saying crazy things.
So it was not really a surprise for him to be strolling the streets of the big city, looking for not a good time, not a drink, but a moment to clear his

Days come and go for the average world, where magic is casted to alter the world in weather and power, darkness and light, and through familiars that they muster, where knights and squires charge for the valor and honor of their lord and land, but none would be able to accept the dark side, the side where anyone is tempted to subject to the predator, to the death of time and steel.

Many wish to live throughout the time and choose to never face it

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