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Hi, I'm Red, a (typically unwilling full tour) vore writter with a preference for female prey and size difference content! Most of my works exist in my own setting called Eshari. I have a particular strong affinity for prey that stands at around 2-3ft tall, specifically demi-human women.

I hope to make an RP discord based around Eshari at some point down the line, likely at anywhere between 30-40 watches. It will definitely be adults only, and welcome all sorts of NSFW stuff. Anyone is welcome to make their own art and stories for my world, in fact I'd be honoured! Just tag it Eshari and/or World of Eshari so I can see it!

A link to Eshari's encyclopaedia can be found here. I hope to begin expanding on it very soon!

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Sorry for the wait guys, I promise I am working on the next part of Sadia's Shitty Day! To tide you over I thought I'd give you another short teaser, another internal scene, one that takes place much later.

‘Blorrrrrl, wrrrrrn’ Leina’s stomach sang lazily all around Sadia as it undulated softly. It seemed lazier now, satisfied with its job despite the large undigested hunk of girlmeat weighing it down. The stinking, curdling river of belly high milk rippled softly with her captors every breath, illuminated by the soft red light that barely penetrated the catgirls stretched skin. Despite the heat Sadia sat huddled tight, tighter than she had to be in the limited space, her soggy brown hair clinging to her face and neck, slime criss crossing the space between her own flesh and...
[ Continued ... ]

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