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He said to lay on the ground
Between his legs and wait
You saw her fall for the bait
You heard his beast begin to surround
Heavy drops of white did fall
It's scent filled the heated air
As it waited for another to ensnare
It's stomach begun to sprawl
You felt her drop; you felt her weight
You heard some voices. You saw their feet
One by one the beast did eat
And one by one the stomach did they inflate
The meals did not remain still
But gave one another pleasure

She laid on the couch and waited
The noise from the shower deflated
Shower door and ruffling towels debated
Bathroom opened and heart rate elevated
 She laid sight on her prize
He smirked and meet her eyes
On bed she laid, knowing his size
He sat with her head between his thighs
 He swore he felt her purr
But he did as she did prefer
Her hands made his legs stir
Until he and her was just a blur
 Still she squirmed and shifted
He did not notice as his body drifted
Then his body she

The creak of the front door
Hallway lights to guide
With water speckled on floor
Through door frame they slide
Their eyes spying a promise kept
A boyfriend trapped within womb
A girlfriend ready to accept
A girlfriend ready to consume
One friend goes high to give kiss
One goes low to spread the legs
And without hesitation sharing bliss
Friend seeing body grow and lust begs
Before feet do vanish, a head follows
Feeling flesh leak nothing but pleasure
And so they

A tail of scales around the corner it hides
Two feet follow it's path as clothes find floor
Through a final frame, the tail glides
Through a final frame eyes begin to adore
In heart of room a single person waits
Hair of pure midnight and eyes a crimson ravine
Yet his legs are where no human relates
His stomach where man and snake convene
His part of snake, spiral to center
From every wall, yet left is a way
A way that one with legs does enter
Stepping closer knowing they

She eyes her prey and whispers in his ear
A promise of her lock and his key
He ponders her offer before both disappear
She loves the game; she loves when they agree
Skin grows bare and air ever warm
He asks for something strange
In curiosity she conforms
The two begin the rearrange
He lays with back to air
Waits for her then exhales
She sits above fond of his rear
Two firm grasp, enjoying the details
Then a finger slides into the abyss
She feels his body in plea

Door closed, lights dim, and skin bare
A smile and finger beckoning
A smile returned all too aware
Hands slid low, traced a rim of reckoning
 A finger moving in. Slow but sure
Deeper and deeper till hand had gone
Yet when second hand ventured, fate was secured
Hands became arms. For one pleasure's dawn
 For other a panic, yet deeper they were vanished
Arms became head and chest
And soon resistance was banished
As inside body had begun to caress
 Still chest gave way to waist

Steam leaked from underneath the door
A moan, a groan, sounds of tensions
Peace never comes only a building roar
Lips kiss with clearest intentions
One sits above and other kneels below
Above panting and desire for ease
With shaft grown and face aglow
A wave of pleasure, yet just a tease
Below a finger pushes against sphere
One fill with treasure, thick and white
Yet with size of fist, hardly it's shape does smear
A moan from above as two treasures growth does excite

At first a hand with grasp firm
Then something soft followed by whisper
A whisper returned to reaffirm
The click of door closing
The sounds of zippers opening
Eyes wide as monster is imposing
A snake of flesh when soft
Becoming tree as it hardens
And bringing admirer aloft
Climbing trunk until head is reached
A kiss sending a sensation of tension
A kiss at very tip, till head is breached
One head inside another
A massage as body ventures in
A moan at the

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