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Eyes meeting eyes
Uncertainty shined
Yet they didn't reprise
Lips combined
Lips part ways
Reversal of one
To spark the blaze
A kiss to load the gun
With touch it grew
Until it begun to consume
One from two
Cock became tomb

Eyes grow wider; licking lips
Legs spread, force by his size
Pushing in, two sacks full and warm
And beast, pulsing, with pre drips
Kiss the tip and reach inside
Two hands being pulled deeper
Two hands sliding ever deeper
Letting body enjoy the ride
Leaving imprint on his beast
Sliding in, letting body tense
Sliding in, letting body climax
A pause as white milk released
Imprint remains, and imprint moves
Until hands are gone, until head is gone
Chest then follows and body just slides
In instant

Streetlights: no stars; cracked concrete: no dirt trials
Door creaking, eyes ignoring, heart pounding
A row of old chairs and tables, a sign of happy hour sales
Seat taken at empty bar, unsure of surroundings
Clean glass being cleaned once more, question asked
Head shakes as ears find answer, still finger points
Nod thanks and head to hall whose light hardly unmasks
A figure waiting. Eyes shift towards one who disappoints
Eyes roll, steps begin, and beckon to one whose late
Out back door to alle

Finger brushing hair of coming night
Over ear of lover; eyes, careful seal
Lips find lips with teasing bite
Silent shifts broken by squeal
Toes uncurl and lips part ways
Eyes lock, "We're ready."
A nod and a body set ablaze
Body pushing with pulsing steady
Toes once more curl with sensation new
Gentle tug into space small and warm
Feet adjust, letting this feeling purse
Just a little more of two bare forms
Fires burn with each rise of hips
Flames grow with each fall
Inferno blazes until pleasure

A kiss on the cheek, another kiss
A tongue savoring the taste of skin
Mouth opens wide; meal doesn't resist
Tongue still savors; saliva begins
Gentle chewing as mouth fills
A breath in from the nose
Meal swallows; saliva just refills
Another swallow; down meal goes
Taste of head turns to chest
The muscles smooth and tight
Through mouth it progressed
Pleasure below it did ignite
The curve of arms flowing
Tight then lax then tight once more
Pleasure heard, felt, and growing
Ever deeper is meal for

He said to lay on the ground
Between his legs and wait
You saw her fall for the bait
You heard his beast begin to surround
Heavy drops of white did fall
It's scent filled the heated air
As it waited for another to ensnare
It's stomach begun to sprawl
You felt her drop; you felt her weight
You heard some voices. You saw their feet
One by one the beast did eat
And one by one the stomach did they inflate
The meals did not remain still
But gave one another pleasure
As they became the beast's treasur

She laid on the couch and waited
The noise from the shower deflated
Shower door and ruffling towels debated
Bathroom opened and heart rate elevated
She laid sight on her prize
He smirked and meet her eyes
On bed she laid, knowing his size
He sat with her head between his thighs
He swore he felt her purr
But he did as she did prefer
Her hands made his legs stir
Until he and her was just a blur
Still she squirmed and shifted
He did not notice as his body drifted
Then his body she gently lifted

The creak of the front door
Hallway lights to guide
With water speckled on floor
Through door frame they slide
Their eyes spying a promise kept
A boyfriend trapped within womb
A girlfriend ready to accept
A girlfriend ready to consume
One friend goes high to give kiss
One goes low to spread the legs
And without hesitation sharing bliss
Friend seeing body grow and lust begs
Before feet do vanish, a head follows
Feeling flesh leak nothing but pleasure
And so they squirm as lust swallows
Until a lo

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