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Hi I'm new here to Eka's Portal! Or was it Aryion? That always confuses me. ANYWAY! I'll start making stuff soon, I find the art on this site very interesting so I'm going to try it myself! I got lots of ideas just from looking around the galleries, so I'm PUMPED as hell and hope to have some fun! Once I actually draw something...wish me luck! ^ ^;

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Hiya, it's been a long month. I've mostly been working on school stuff and trying to get everything turned in.

Most of that was spent working on a paper that I was working at the last minute admittedly. I got a B in the class the paper was for, which is what I needed.

Later on, I started feeling some pain on my left side. I thought I had pulled a muscle but later found out the side of my stomach was swollen, so I had to go to the emergency room. The doctor told me that I had epiploic appendagitis, which is the inflammation of my epiploic appendices.

It's less serious than appendicitis but it hurts like it. Seriously, it was very painful. I could barely move around without feeling this stabbing pain in my side and made it hard to sleep when no matter what position I was in, it'd be...
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You there?


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You're welcome.


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No problem friend !

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You're welcome

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No Problem ^_^

The K

Posted by The K 8 months ago

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My pleasure.


Posted by K_K 10 months ago

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Very Welcome ^_^


Posted by tyrion13 10 months ago

Thanks for the watch, actually thought I was watching you already, must correct that.


Posted by Belloc 10 months ago

Enjoying your art! Thanks for sharing it.


Posted by hackerkyle 10 months ago

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no problem.


Posted by Cinquint 1 year ago

Thank you for the watch! o ∆o

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