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Solid! That's mah name. I'm sure you know me by now. Maybe. I'd hope so! If you don't, I'm a "No Bullshit" kind of person, so I apologise in advance if I offend you with being so blunt.

I don't think there's really all that much to say. If you've seen my work, you know what I'm into.

I think the only thing I need to say is about roleplaying. If you approach me for a roleplay, you'll need at least two of three things:
1) A decent grasp on English. Spelling mistakes, disabilities and English as a second language are excusable, but if you're a natural English speaker and you can't form a coherent sentence... no thank you. Case by case though, I just expect full and proper sentences with punctuation in a roleplay.
2) Read the profile of my character and understand them. If you don't understand them, please ask me to be more informative, don't just throw it all out the window.
3) Have a scene in mind. When you approach someone me for a roleplay, I'm expecting you to have something in mind. Likewise, if I approach you, I'll have something in mind.

I do not take requests, though I do appreciate any ideas you may have.
I do enjoy a good collaboration from time to time. :3
Trades and Commissions are possible, I'm willing to do them, but I'd prefer to have a constant, efficient way to stay in contact. Notes and PM's just don't work for me. Skype? Steam? Please, do add. I find it faaaaaaaar easier to draw for someone when they're there with me. :3

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Nothin' special or anything. I just wanna draw things.

To be clear, I'm pretty much opening myself to requests. Free art.

Gimme some ideas. Don't really mind what it is, who's involved. Just gimme a suggestion. Don't be shy or anythin'. Leave a comment, shoot me a PM, don't really mind who/what is involved. If you want to see me do something just leave a comment. But be specific, though. I'm not looking for prompts, I'm looking for ideas. Characters, scenario, etc.

Just bare in mind, if it's not in line with my tastes, less inclined to do anything with it. Otherwise, anything is welcome.

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Posted by Reiku 2 months ago

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, Pants~


Posted by Replay 11 months ago

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 1 year ago

Thanks for the favs and watch dude


Posted by poopyjoe17 1 year ago

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thanks bro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Posted by poopyjoe17 2 years ago

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the admin says (trolling and such) but i dont belive that at all i was even being postive in the comments ;-;


Posted by can 2 years ago

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Just poking to say hi, lol.
Its been a long time since I have since you on SL.


Posted by can 2 years ago

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Ah but that was some time ago p:


Posted by can 2 years ago

Hya, so are you still floating about?


Posted by kinkspook 2 years ago

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No problem :D It was your drawing style. It's clean and nicely lined, so I wanted to watch so I can see more :3 Sorry, I'm sometimes a quiet watch/fave and run person, it's a bad habit! c:

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Posted by VoraciousRose 2 years ago

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Dawwww :) Thank you!


Posted by AnonymousShark00 2 years ago

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No problem! It was pretty fun and laid-back, which I liked! ^^

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