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My avatar is an edited sprite. If you can guess what character's sprite I butchered, you win a free... Something... I dunno.

I draw from time to time I RP too much, I like ytp, my favorite show is Fist of the North Star, I hate seeing porn or fetish art of stuff I like (even though I said that, I do love Sonic style characters in vore, but still don't like seeing the characters owned by Sega in porn or fetish crap), I do art trades from time to time, I try to force myself to draw, I hate normal people, I hate furries, I pretend to be normal, I am a furry, blue is my favorite color, luxray is my favorite pokemon, I hate kangaroos, anthro kangaroos are essentially my favorite pred, I like money, and... Other stuff.

If you went through that shitty description, and wanted to know more, just PM me. I'm extremely lonely, and pretty much just draw to get attention and to pretend I have friends. I actually don't enjoy drawing, and I hate nearly everything I crap out. However, feel free to send me a request or trade.

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This is what I wrote down earlier, and all I got so far.

NAME: Hector Grant

RACE: Sergal

BODY: Gray and off-white fur, fluffy in some spots but short for the most part. Has an athletic but slightly feminine physique. His hands are covered in short dark gray fur, but his fingers are off-white making it look like he's wearing gloves. Has short claws that pop out of his fingertips and can cut through most natural substances. His teeth are sharp and pointy, and he has thin snake-like dark, almost black, red tongue.

SIZE: Eh... It'll change as I deem fit.

PERSONALITY: Normally playful and friendly. Really loves smaller people, and if possible to fit in his hand, he will hold them for hours, occasionally bringing them to...

[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for the fav <3

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Thanks for the favs!


Posted by BabbitBurrito 2 months ago Report

Hay first i want to say thanks so mutch for the watch, it means a lot. Second, nice to know someone else likes seeing a sonic like style in art (mainly vore type art) without seeing the official Sega characters. I don't know about you but a part of me dies inside when ever i come across it. Heating your own art is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, all good artists hate their on work in one way shape or form.


Posted by pizzakittynyan 2 months ago Report

Thank you for watch ;3


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Posted by JessicaVoire 7 months ago Report

Ta for watching me hun, I hope you'll enjoy my work~

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Posted by Yidra 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav

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