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Hey all, I'm just here to spread my lewdness to all of you! I'll be posting commissions/collaborations of my OCs, personal writing, and maybe some commissions!

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It wasn't fair.I did everything my Goddess asked me to do. I suppressed my squirms of revulsion when her tongue ran up my front. I feigned my love and subservience with such fervor that my fear and loathing should have been imperceptible. I sat on her vast stomach night after night as she teased me to the point of tears, but I always kept them back until I could sob quietly in my cage while she slept, out of eyesight and earshot of the many other pets she kept.The cage on her dresser was the pla

"You sure you spelled it right?""Uhhh pretty sure.""You put it in exactly how I told you?""I know how to spell your name.""Not in Futhark you don't. Let me see?"I passed my Typist up Olephia's body. I was between her legs on our bed, nose inches away from her pussy. She'd shaved the little patch that covered her Pleasure rune. This was my first time seeing one. It looked like an asterisk with a triangle in the upper right corner, encircled in an inscription that contained the intent of the vario

My back arched, loud moans escaping me as Olephia's cock pounded my tight little hole. She had me bent double, my ankles on her shoulders as she leaned down over me. It was a big stretch; I wasn't the most flexible girl in the world, but oh my Goddess was it worth it. Her mouth found mine, and we kissed, our tongues wrestling each other. My fingernails dug into her toned back, already marred by countless scratches on her black skin. Her thrusts slowed, becoming loving again for a moment as we ca

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SpudWoke's Blog - 2022 Update Posted 3 months ago

Hey everyone!

I haven't been able to be very active this year, and I'm sorry for that. For those who are waiting on the next installments, be it Teacher's Assistant or my collab series with  Kolossus, I'm terribly sorry, but you'll have to wait a bit more. I'm moving in the next couple of months with a large delay between my source and my destination locations which will eat up my whole year. I do plan to return and continue my work, as it's a great source of creative fulfillment for me.

For everyone who's reading, thank you so much, I'm sorry, and I'll be back soon!


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demon! >:O

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Thanks for giving me a watch Ara <3


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Big lewdie

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