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Hello and welcome to my page. My character, Starcomet, is an asexual, human male wizard, Saint, and is black like me. I am not a furry at all, but I have many other fetishes and that includes voreraphilia but more endosomatophilia. I love all kinds of vore but hard and soul vore are situatonal. I am more into being inside of a furry or human's body for a while and then let go at either my or their volition rather than be digested, but I am fine with digestion as well.

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is what you call an odd guy. He has no friends, was estranged from
his family, and as can be ascertained, had very little in the way of
a social life. He was 29 years old, 5' 7” tall, weight about 187
lbs, Caucasian, and had blond short hair with a goatee. He lived in a
small apartment and had only the things he felt were needed. A
refrigerator, stove, one table and one chair, a bed, a desk, his
computer, and oddly enough, three book shelves full of various animal
plushies. He personal

brought his great sword down against the sword of the wolf bandit he
was fighting. His was full of determination and hunger as his belly
growled for food. Blaze easily knocked the sword out bandit's hands
and while it staggered him, he took the opportunity to close his maw
around the wolf bandit's head. The bandit was no weakling and
attempted to pull his head out of the pegasus' mouth, but blaze was
much stronger than the wolf and being a predator, he had the upper
hand. He gulped down th

Dante was a 25, 63, 233lb, kangaroo and Paul was a 24, 56 130 lb Asian and were both a bunch of amateur thieves. They have only done petty forms of thievery like pick pocketing and shoplifting, but they wanted to make more money than these two options. They were a little too ambitious and maybe foolish also because they planned to make it big by robbing the wealthiest house in their neighborhood. The neighborhood they lived in was not too impressive but still had hard working individuals and

Once there was a powerful elder dragon named Rouki who terrified several cities and towns. It torched buildings and ate cattle and stole valuable treasures from keeps. The thing is, Rouki was the last of its kind and it was hoarding treasure for its self since it now had no other drgaons that it can hunt with. The people were filled with terror and so the leaders of the various kingdoms assembled and called forth one of the dragon hunters. The thing is, there is only one dragon hunter left and h

Allan was 5'8 160lbs 22 year old grey wolf who was a sophomore in college who was currently having problems. Four fratboys were currently making his college life miserable. They would constantly bully him into doing their papers, projects, and other academic activity even though Allan himself was not a straight A student to begin with. They also did several hazing pranks on him such as tieing him up and paddling him, spray painting him, making him clean their campus apartment, and other things t

Simon was a 21, 57 140lb human who was a freshman in college. He was studying to be an Architect and was doing well thus far, but he felt completely alone when it came down to friends. He moved last year after his parents got a new job at a new location. He left behind all of his friends who knew and was essentially a stranger in a new land. Even though he had been here a year and was in the second semester, he made no friends as everyone seemed to be so different from everyone he knew. That wa

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