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Hi, guys, I'm that one pred. You know, the one that writes mediocre vore and posts it on the web with the odd flash of brilliance.

Besides some one shot stories, I'm currently working on four series. One featuring the life of a budding alchemist and predator by the name of 'Axle.' The next features the Vore Club, a small group of girls who devour people for fun and lust. Another set of stories are for Glasgow, a somewhat romantic predator with a sadistic domination streak. And the last...

Well, it's rude to talk about someone who's listening.

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I woke up in the middle of the Midsummer night to a growling stomach. Swallowing, I slipped out of bed and turned the light on, turning to a large mirror. My breakfast hadn’t lasted long enough to leave even a bump or bulge in my belly, leaving my stick thin frame empty of nutrients. And since I knew the fridge was empty – courtesy of yours truly – I had to find some other nourishment.

… The neighbours

Alice found herself in a large
corridor made of wooden planks that had obviously seen better days.
Lack of care reduced them to the brink of rotting, with many broken
planks creating holes to trip through, or to peek into other rooms.
Turning around, she saw a mass of meat on the floor, its original
form smashed into the wall it rested by, if the crimson splatters
were any indicator.
For some reason, she knew she was
dreaming. That, and the scene felt a tad bit familiar. Too familiar.
She walked

Valentine’s Day. The one day of
the year we set aside some time to spend with our lovers and spouses.
For me, my girlfriend was a short
girl called Sonia. And since I was a tall guy, whenever she hugged
me, she’d bury her face in my stomach, just under my ribcage. She
had a thing about stomachs, and always had a certain wish, something
she only confided in me.
So I thought I’d give her
something nice this year.
“What is it? What is it?”
I led Sonia into my bedroom, holding
her eyes clo

Laying upside down that day, all I
could see was the toes of my next meal. Holly, bless her, was sat on
top of me, kneading my extravagant breasts with her tingling touch.
The gals had come a long way, now each being bigger than my head, to
say nothing of my backside, its massive beauty enhanced by my
thunderous thighs.
And now I was eating a woman who had
more fat than space I could take up.
My mouth watered as her toes were
tucked into my maw, soaked with drool, and flinching at the slightest

I popped my jaws over the kid’s
head. In reality, she wasn’t much younger than me – a year, give
or take, but it was impossible to tell with my adult body, thanks to
my sisters, their appetites and the hotdogs (and fellow competitors)
I had a week ago. I now stood at eight foot in height, had a pair of
melons that should have had their own gravity, and an ass that kept
me padded from the combined weight of my meals.
I slurped the kid’s head up, not
bothering to stay quiet. The camera cre

“Hello, Ladies, and welcome to the
Thirteenth Annual Hotdog Eating Competition!”
There was a wave of cheers from the
audience that reverberated through the building’s halls. Women of
all ages and builds, some of which were making out or fondling
themselves – or others – at the mere mention of what was to come.
“Today our contestants are
reigning champion, Vicky Hale!”
The woman to my left grinned as the
audience went wild. A gutsy, blubbery woman who looked like she’d
go down smo

I was roused from my sleep by a
round of giggling from outside my room. I opened an eye, scowling at
the door.
“God damn it.” I wasn’t happy
about it, given I was coming down from a sugar high from a very large
birthday meal. I sat up, my gut sloshing with an incredible amount of
food, and a couple of friends, and waddled my way over to the door.
“I think she’s awake.”
“Do you…?”
“Yeah, she’ll love this.”
Well, that was great. Dona and
Jolene were doing something. If I le

“Wakey, wakey sleepyhead.”
Alice watched as Sarah awoke with
her hands tied to the back of the chair. She gave a confused look
around the room. It was Alice’s bedroom, piled with all sorts of
takeaway junk food, and the small fridge she kept in the corner
filled with chocolate milkshake.
Alice grinned. “I bet you know
what’s coming.”
Sarah looked up with a hint of
amusement. “Really?”
“I take a nap, and this is what I
wake up to?” She gave Alice a once over. “Tho

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So. Last blog was April 30th. Now we're in the middle of June.

To be fair, I'm surprised I managed to do a weekly blog for that long.

... I'm going to have to apologise for being silent for so long, relatively at least. This moment and time? I don't really want to write. And, even if I get an idea, Ihave to force myself.

... Alright, I got diagnosed with depression. I have antidepressants. So... Plan is, get AoD done, as far as I can get. Hopefully I'll be better next month, enough to want to write. When Vore Day (8/8) (why do we have that? :lol: ) comes round, I'll post what I have done, as well as a few other things.

I'm not sure if I'll make anymore stories for the portal, for fetish...
[ Continued ... ]

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