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Hi, guys, I'm that one pred. You know, the one that writes mediocre vore and posts it on the web with the odd flash of brilliance.

Besides some one shot stories, I'm currently working on four series. One featuring the life of a budding alchemist and predator by the name of 'Axle.' The next features the Vore Club, a small group of girls who devour people for fun and lust. Another set of stories are for Glasgow, a somewhat romantic predator with a sadistic domination streak. And the last...

Well, it's rude to talk about someone who's listening.


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First Time

“Have you done this before?”

“… No.”

Kanny smirked. “Thought not. I guess I’m your first, huh?”

I sat on the bed cross-legged. “Look, it’s not something I’m big on, okay? I just… it’s weird.”

Chapter 20: Lust and Gluttony

The weather took a cold turn, the leaves turning all hues as the world died in time for winter. It stayed cosy indoors, and the cold didn’t bother me, so I didn’t care quite as much as I would otherwise.

What did irk me was Robyn. After meeting with Jules, and agreeing to have a child with her, all she did was pester me the last few days. I had h

Chapter 19: Interum

Back inside my soul, I found a new thing; personal rooms. Why I was surprised was somewhat unfathomable, considering there was just about everything in here. Lucille and I talked about everything there was to find, from amusement parks (really?), chemistry labs (… alright.) and even an armoury (O-ho-ho KAY then… Where’s the Beastcutters and Burial Blades?!). Still, the fac

Chapter 18: Unlikely Saviour

Charlie settled down easily enough in our home. With the extra mouth to feed, she earned her keep helping the two senior Keepers with day-to-day chores, and had the unique task of keeping me in check. She’d make sure I’d interact with the others, watch me sex the Larder girls, and, as always, kept her shoulder ready for me to cry on should I need it.

Chapter 17: Repeat Meal

Back inside the Corridors (or should I call it the Retreat?), many of the devoured women gathered in the mess hall. Most gave me nervous looks, but I ignored them along with the fact I was stark naked, instead letting myself head through the various areas of the place.

More trouble was brewing. I knew that, and could even

Chapter 16: Amateur


Ruby leaned back in her chair, letting her gut churn in her lap. There were few greater pleasures than the feeling of a weighty meal digesting on top of her. She knew some girls preferred to lie on their engorged guts, to help the process along, but the lethargic, almost lazy gurgles were a delight to listen to, and the feeling of someone in her s

Chapter 15: Homecoming

It was midday when Abbey returned with Angel. Tara stayed behind to keep an eye on the Larder, and to start cooking dinner well in advance: a large pot of stew, filled to the brim with vegetables, chicken and lamb. Having a massive oven and hob to make dinner for all the girls was a sudden boon.

Most of the day was spent s

Chapter 14: Know thy Friend

No more dreams appeared, but I still had restful sleep digesting my massive meal. While it might have been a placebo, I could feel a renewed strength in my limbs. Shelke was right: I
like Alucard.

… If Gaster can appear in front of me, then…?

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You might be wondering about the name. Don't think about it too much. In any case, I'll be expanding that page in the near future(ish).

Anyway, it's 'bout time I wrap up Angel Grave's "story"...

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