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Yo, call me Zee or Zeno if you'd like. I've got a Switch, if you wanna play shoot me a PM. I'm antisocial, I like Vore (among other things), I'm male, I have the sexual orientation; asexual, and I want to become a writer.

If you'd like to see some of my work, also shoot me a PM, be warned though, the piece you'll get is gonna be F/M or F/F. Don't really do Male Vore, but I'm not shy of it.

List of kinks:
F/F, F/M, Bondage prey, Cleavage, Hybrids (Humans with animal features but not completely humanized animals), Same Size, Digestion, Burping, Throat Bulges, Oral Vore, Breast Vore, Unwilling Pred, Willing Prey, Willing Pred and Prey, Multiprey (limit for me is 3 in 1 pred)

OK in my book:
M/F, M/M, Tongue play, Breast play, Pregnancy (just not tentapreg), Minor size difference (ex. Pred is 7'3 and Prey is 5'7)

Absolute no:
Anal Vore, Vaginal Vore, Cock Vore, Very explicit R34, Farts, Vomit, Scat, Futanari, Unnecessarily large breasts, Underage sex, Sex (this includes but isn't limited to: Doggy-style, cock sucking, 69'ing, Up and down [the dominatrix moves up and down on the sub], Cum, and Thrusting).

Welp that's it for me. You got any good Marina (Splatoon 2) Pred art link it in a shout. I'm dying for more pred art of that character.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the Infinity War of video-games

Because every single bit of it is amazing and polished

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Posted by WindSnipe 10 days ago

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It’s no problem lmao. I only play for fun.. and whenever you can is fine with me ^^


Posted by WindSnipe 11 days ago

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Don’t worry it’s fine lmao I just wanted to add you. Maybe we can play splatoon 2 sometime?


Posted by DamionSins 2 months ago

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Posted by DamionSins 2 months ago

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*lightly smacks*



Posted by ZeeTheHellion 2 months ago

I'll bet 10 nonexistent dollars no one can show me a picture of F/M (or F/F) in which the prey is willing, and the pred is unwilling.

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