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I'm an outlier on this site because I am actually not into the stuff on this site or feel any sexual excitement from anything at all. I just view the site because if you look past the sexual aspects. Vore can actually create many interesting worldbuilding scenarios and effect characters purely on the receiving end in many different ways. All of my characters cannot partake in vore. And they mostly are enemies of those that do

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POV: You asked your Gardevoir to vore you

By LeHeart

  1. POV: You asked your Gardevoir to vore you
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"You thought that upon a man you would've fed. Too bad your last meal was a pound of hot lead."
A man with an infinite ammo tommy gun and high reaction time. This guy goes for the "savvy gangster" motif. This is a fire forged friend with little trust starting off, yet will go out of his way to protect you once you become his friend. Though betray him and the "gangster motif" will make itself apparent with his horrifically cruel torture methods. He has a very high distaste for preds, and will antagonize/gun them down at the nearest opportunity.

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