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it's a mysterious custard
a mystery custard


(i'm shy) <- I think I should finally clarify that this means I am bad at responding to commments lol. Direct PMs get me to talk though.

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In March, on my Patreon page, I revealed I was sick and that was why I couldn't do any requests. I stayed sick all during April. It got to the point where my brain felt like a toaster oven and I could barely type or stand. We finally went to the ER last week, and it turns out I had a middle ear infection that nearly could have progressed into meningitis, so I had to stick around and get antibiotics and then go home with more. And then I had to call the ISP to get my internet back because I couldn't pay the Internet bill while my balance was so bad I couldn't get up out of my bed. And because Comcast sucks it took forever to do that, and I wasn't about to fight with them while I was recovering, so I only just managed to do that yesterday.

I'm gonna tell all commissioners this...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Callen 2 years ago Report hi looking for vore lovers on my vore channel if your interested come have fun


Posted by selfrog 3 years ago Report

Hey Myst, hope the job search is going well, best of luck!


Posted by berserkermilf 4 years ago Report

you are not valid. perish.

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Posted by orangekite 4 years ago Report

ut ille patris uorent canes uermes adque alia portenta quarum populus spectet

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Posted by 146 4 years ago Report

ut ille patris uorent canes uermes adque alia portenta quarum populus spectet


Posted by jackson22222 4 years ago Report

Like the last guy that commented here, I love your stuff, especially the micro CV. Honestly have no idea how I haven't seen your stuff till now. Since it has been only four months since joining, welcome to the site!


Posted by AegisOfRoses 4 years ago Report

Micros... Cock Vore.... Pretty drawing... If that doesn't deserve a watch, I don't know what does! Nice work!!


Posted by lurker474 4 years ago Report

I really like your work! More touhou art is always good to see.


Posted by qwedcxzas 4 years ago Report

Great work so far. Welcome!~


Posted by massvore 4 years ago Report


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Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 4 years ago Report

Love what ya done so far keep it up.


Posted by nyttyn 4 years ago Report

Thumbs up. Cute work!~

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