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"Twister!  Twister!" Scorch called out to the lump of wolf fur in front of her as she pushed the fur back and forth.  The ball of now badly groomed fur rustled and an eyelid opened to reveal the eyes of her brother.  His head rose and looked at her irritably; his eyes glaring in discontent at the rude arousal that he had just been the victim of.
"What is it now, Scorch?" He asked, his voice carrying a sharp edge to it, although still held traces of the sleep he was pushing from hi

A stone was kicked into the air; it was launched several feet before it fell back to earth with a thud. A sigh followed shortly after, signaling that of boredom and despair. A young girl was the culprit of both actions; she had not had the best week if her facial expression was anything to judge it on. The girl followed the rock solemnly, the sadness faded a bit as she focused her attention and kicked the small stone again.
 She gasped a bit when she did not hear the typical sound, but a

Light comes forth to the most unwanted place, darkness fleets at it's coming. He opens his eyes to find morning greeting him, shapes around him gradually materialize into his room. Just another day in John's life as a so called man now, as he had just turned 18 and found that he could now do many things of which he could not have done before.

"Well, nothing planned for today. Maybe I ought to go see if the foxes are here yet. They usually come around here this time of year." He th

The man continued on his journal, never stopping to talk to anyone else for he knew where he wanted to go. The forest's trees kept getting more dense, at one point he brushed up against a tree and some of his pale white skin caught which drew a bit of blood. The amber eyes darted towards the wound, but when he found it was not deep they fell back upon his target.
Suddenly a loud shrill call sounded, leaves shook as a visitor swept through them. Soon a bird with a medium to dark brown torso and r

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Thanks for the watch! It's nice to know people like my stuff enough to want to know right away when there's more of it.


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